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Well, Textusa has departed on the annual Starlight Home for the Criminally Insane and Permanently Bewildered coach tour, which we know she looks forward to every year.

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Anyway, so you don't miss out I will be bringing you a selection of the most lamentable horseshit you have ever read from some carefully chosen suppliers.

Starting with this, which comes to you from the hallowed turf and pitted concrete of Jill Havern's finest emporium. Enjoy.

The post got off to a false start with this

I have been keeping a record of the possible statements missing from the PJ files on the premise that what is missing may well be more important than what has been released! Rather than sit on the list I thought I would stick it on here for others to add to, as I'm sure that it is far from definitive.
Well, that was good of you. Thoughtful. I like that. 

In no particular order of importance, the following are the statements that I would presume to be missing from the PJ File release. Please correct me if there is anything you feel incorrect. 

Hmmm - I am going to stop you there.

You would ''presume''?

Do you mean you are going to decide that a statement ''should'' have existed, regardless of whether it does, actually, exist?

Okay - this could get interesting. Continue.......


Post  skyrocket Today at 1:03 pm
Sorry folks that didn't work. The list of missing statements is here:
Ah Well - if at first you don't succeed, etc.... 

1. Kate McCann – 11 May 2007 (reference: Susan Healy news interview)
Kate McCann did not make a statement on the 11th May 2007, regardless of what her mother may have been reported as saying.  

2. Father Haynes Hubbard – no statements available despite his heavy involvement

with the Mc’s from the 6/7 May 2007 onwards. His wife’s statement is available.
So not a missing statement at all - just someone you think should have been asked for a statement who wasn't. His wife was primarily interviewed regarding the key to the church. Why should he have been interviewed? 

3/4. David Payne - 10 May 2007 & ‘Questionnaire’
He wasn't interviewed on the 10th May 2007. The PJ only re interviewed some of the group, and he wasn't one of them. The questionnaire forms part of the UK police file, which was not released 

5/6. From Catriona Baker Statement 10 May 2007:
She didn't make a statement on 10th May 

‘On the first two days the children played and did activities in the sand.

On the Thursday they went sailing next to the beach.
- On that day they sailed in a small yellow "catamaran";
That is in her statement of 6th May. I can't see what point you are making here. The statement where she mentions that is in the PJ files 

5. - Alice Standley accompanied the children on the route and on the boat.

Three children sailed with her at one time;
Are you suggesting that they should have taken a statement from her too?
Why? No point taking someones statement if they have nothing to add. 

6. - Chris Unswork transported the children in a red amphibious boat (life-saving boat)

until the boat reached the open sea, and, a few minutes later, returned them to the beach

to pick up three other children from the group;’

7. Reverend/Father Heal – no statements available despite reference being made to him

having called to see the Mc’s before the Hubbards arrived.
Why would they need a statement from him? He wouldn't be able to disclose anything said to him in confidence anyway 

8. Mrs Heal – no statements available
Again, why should they interview her? 

9. Valerie Kerr/Kerr Family (statement mentioned in the PJ Analysis)
Not interviewed by the PJ, probably spoke to the police in the UK, in which case their statements were not published as they are part of the UK police file

10. Staff from esplanade Beach Café (possibly the Paraiso? CCTV?) – visited early

afternoon of Wednesday 2 May by all the Mccann family for drinks (2) and ice creams

(5) (reference: GM’s statement 10 May)
Do you mean why didn't they interview the staff from an ice cream stand where they went days before Madeleine disappeared?

Why would they? 

11. Testimony of: Rajinder Raj Singh BALU Date: 28 May 2008
‘On the 23rd of April of 2008, I spoke with DC 433 Hughes of the Leicestershire Police

with regard to certain aspects relating to the Madeleine McCann investigation. I was

informed that these questions emanate from a formal request from the Portuguese authorities.

I am aware that my testimony is subject to the Portuguese Criminal Code and to English Law.
I did not ask to see my original statements in order to refresh my memory.

I confirm that these statements are correct.’
I presume you are referring to his original statement given to UK police, therefore not part of PJ file and not published 

12. Catriona Baker (Nanny) - 4 May 2007 formal statement? including possible comment

about MBM i.e. that she ‘offered more attention to the boys in the club’, which

Cat Baker later withdrew/denied having made.
This appears to be an error in the translation she was shown. She actually said Madeleine ''who nevertheless paid most of her 

attention to the children of her own group''  It seems that the 

confusion arose over the word 'meninos' which can translate as 

'boys' but also as 'children' or 'kids' 

There is no missing statement. The passage appears in her first statement

13. John Hill (Ocean Club Manager) – only statement in PJ files is dated 20 June 2007

It would seem highly likely that he made a statement prior to this.
Says who - you? With respect, he wasn't a witness to the specific events prior to the discovery that Madeleine was missing, so I can't see why you imagine there would be an earlier statement 

14. Emma Knight (Manager) – only statement in the PJ files is her Rogatory in the UK

dated 30 April 08. It would seem highly likely that she made a statement within the first

week after the disappearance. Her Rogatory statement shows that she was heavily

involved on the night of 3 May 07, something the PJ would have been aware of.
Ditto. Don't forget, these people were going nowhere. Doubtless the police spoke to them prior to that, but there was less of a rush to get formal statements 

15. Susan Healy (KM’s mother) – spoken to by both GM/KM in the early hours of 4 May.

The PJ wanted Brian Healy (father of KM) interviewed but the UK police refused on grounds of

health,so it would seem reasonable to assume Susan Healy was interviewed.
Why would it? It's perfectly possible they wanted to discuss something with him specifically, such as his reported comments about sedation.  

16. Philomena McCann (GM’s sister) – Patricia Cameron (GM’s sister) was interviewed

along with her husband Sandy. It would seem reasonable that Philomena was also interviewed.
Why? Patricia and Sandy stayed out in Portugal for ages, Philomena didn't. 

17. John McCann (GM’s brother) – no statement available despite being heavily involved

from 4 May onwards.
Why? Heavily involved with what? He's not a witness, is he? 

18. Diane McCann (John Mccann’s wife) – no statement available.

19. Brian Kennedy (KM’s Uncle/Susan Healy’s brother) – no statement available

but would seem reasonable to assume that he was interviewed. His wife Janet

Kennedy was interviewed and her statement has been released.
The interview with Janet Kennedy was a rogatory interview. The names of people they wanted to be interviewed were submitted by the McCanns. Janet's name was on it, Brian's wasn't. So there is no missing statement 

20. Nora Paul (nee Healy; KM’s aunt and MBM’s godmother) – no statement available.

Flew out to Luz with the Healy’s on the 4 May to be with the Mc’s
So not a witness to the events, then. No reason why she should be interviewed 

21. Jon Corner (friend; film maker; partner to KM’s best friend Michelle Thompson;

godparent to Amelie) – no statement available. His partner’s (Michelle Thompson)

statement is in the PJ files. Jon Corner was heavily involved from 4 May onwards. 
Her name is on the McCann list of people to be interviewed. His isn't. So he was never interviewed and there is no missing statement 

So you see, it's really quite straightforward.

Their statements will not be in the published files if they approached the UK police and gave their statements to them directly, not under letters rogatory. (There is one exception to this; I will let you work that out for yourself)

This was under an agreement made between the police and judicial authorities of both countries.

If, however, they were interviewed under letters rogatory, those statements will appear in the files as they, in effect, belong to the PJ and not the British police.

Police do not make a habit of interviewing anyone who happens to know the people involved just for the sake of it

There is also a load of rubbish talked, mostly by Bennett, about Mrs Smith and the other Smiths who did not make statements

There would have been no point whatsoever interviewing everyone especially as some were young children. One interviews those who can give the fullest picture and that's that. Bennett also lies about Mrs Smith ''refusing'' to make a statement. She was asked if she wanted to make a statement and she said she didn't. That is not a refusal.

So in summary, every statement you describe as ''missing'' is either part of the UK file, or never existed, the non-existent ones being the product of an overactive imagination.

I see there was a follow up post, so lets do that too

1/. Philip Edmonds? Why was he staying there and what was he up to? When did he book his flight to Switzerland? (OC knew he was not going home on the matching flight he arrived on). Holiday photos?
Why was he staying there?  He was on holiday with his kids
What was he up to? He was having a holiday with his kids
When did he book his flights? None of your business.
Holiday photos? Given to the police, so none of your business 

2/. The CEOP instigated photo specialist who was going to examine thousands of photos a day?

(‘Gonçalo Amaral, the former PJ recalls that, with the consent from Portuguese authorities, an appeal was made for tourists to send in photos from the day and the night of Maddie’s disappearance. The purpose was “to identify anyone suspicious who might appear looking at the family”, he says. But despite “much that arrived at the English police, none of those images ever reached us”)
You would have to take it up with CEOP

3/. Proper report from Southampton bloke who had the video and Mc’s camera photos sent to him.
There is a full report from the officer in question, and for approximately the 1,000th time, they were not the McCann's camera or camcorder. They belonged to a couple on holiday in PdL at the same time as the McCanns. And all this information is in the files.

4/. PJ report/commentary about the greyscale photos released in the files
What about it? 

5/. DP's statement to 'the correct forum' if he was ever questioned properly as to what he meant.
Well presumably not.

The lesson is, there is usually a simple explanation. 


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