Friday, 3 July 2015

Hooray, hooray, it's a holi - holiday........

Afternoon all

I will be returning to this later, but I just had to bring you this

"The idea of CEOP having a page visible on the Internet on April 30 2007 advertising Maddie’s disappearance 3 days before the girl is said to have disappeared was announced to the world is just too far out there to contemplate.''
(Textusa, 3rd July 2015)

When we said Smithman was Gerry McCann carrying a live child to be seen and so materialise the abductor, the subject was not discussed and where it was, it was ridiculed.

When we said there was no negligence, the subject was not discussed and where it was, it was ridiculed.

When we said there was no Big Round Table and so no Tapas dinners and that they only existed to justify a non-existing negligence, the subject was not discussed and where it was, it was ridiculed."

(Textusa, 3rd July 2015)

Cover your ears

* Massive irony klaxon


  1. To be erfectly honest, I have never actually been able to ead all of oneof Textusa's blogs because I fall asleep soon after the first pragraph. I am therefore of the opinion that these blogs contain Rohypnol and next time I stumble across a blog I will read it in my local date rape centre just in case.
    I feel dirty.

  2. I am fairly certain I have at times lapsed into a coma whilst commenting on one.

    I think exposure should be limited to about 20 minutes at a time, just to be on the safe side.

  3. I have just read TWO paragraphs and I found that a low power Taser blast does the trick of keeping me awake very.nicely. No idea what the two paragraphs were though .. the taser curled my eyelashes. :(
    Tomorrow I'm going to try again sitting on a hornet's nest whilst petting a funnel web spider. Paragraph #3, here I come.

  4. "To say Maddie was gone on April 30 at 12:00 and that it was decided to go for simulation of abduction on May 3 22:00 (more than 82 hours after) is to frankly call the UK government, the CEOP and Jim Gamble stupid.

    And because they made a blunder of it, they were also incompetent and amateur.

    Stupid, incompetent and amateur."

    They ARE. So are most of the human beings on this planet. We are human - we err. The other conspiracies will show you that. Research. Ask questions - demand answers.

    1. Textusa is just massively put out because she didn't spot it first. If she had it would currently be the subject of a 250 yard long post with more arrows than the World Darts championships

  5. Next review up

  6. Well that didn't work :(
    I made the mistake of reading out loud in the hope that my booming voice might help to keep me awake but the hornets instantly all died of boredon and Eric the funnel web spider committed hairy canary by throwing himself onto his own fangs. RIP Eric , your sacrifice is noted.
    A friend has suggested that I now dangle my genitalia in sulphuric acid but unfortunately I've tried that already and that dodn't work either.
    I now feel that i must capitulate and give up the uneven battle. Bye bye Textusa whoever you may be, the pharmaceuticals could make a fortune replacing your blogs for Mogadon and with those brave enough to read to the end, the anti-depressant market would go through the roof.
    This is the end of my story, the chair is in place and the rope is knotted. Farewell cruel world, I leave it with a smile on my face because I'll never have to read that BORING pile of yak shit ever again ... unless they have it waiting for me downstairs.

    1. Hey you, I have to read this shit to comment on it - how do you think I feel? Okay, I do spend a lot of that time torn between laughter and despair, but, like Rudyard, I treat those two imposters just the same.

      Don't give up until you have tried neat caffeine delivered directly to the bloodstream, and Thrash Metal playing in the background


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