Thursday, 30 July 2015

Another little aside

From Brain of Britain, Nuala, comes the following

Not Textusa" AKA Insane most certainly IS defending the McCanns. He defends the McCanns by being offensive to Textusa because Textusa is the one person really getting to the truth about what happened to Madeleine McCann. Insane gets particularly upset when Textusa shows that a wider group was involved in the cover up, for example her posts about the manipulated booking sheets:


Is that really your measure of whether someone is a McCann supporter or not - their attitude to Textusa?

You know, Textusa declaring that something is ''irrefutable proof'' does not make it so. She has you and all her other little followers dangling on a string. It's quite amusing to watch. 

So let's get this quite clear. Textusa is just a blogger. She is not ''getting to the truth'' as you like to fondly imagine. She pinned her colours to the swinging mast a long time ago and she was wrong. But instead of re-evaluating and admitting her error she basically dragged a load of simpletons along for the ride, then pulled up the drawbridge and bricked you all up in the castle.

I actually described you as brighter than the average Textaloon. Evidently, that still doesn't make you very bright.


  1. I think Nuala is a wind up merchant. I just have a feeling that she strings Textusa along for her own amusement. Her schtick on the other forums is to be all politeness (heavy use of smiley faced icons) but she still manages to get herself banned, maybe because they sense that she is there just to disrupt?

  2. Whoever she is she must be seriously thick if she can't see that Textusa is about as right as the left bank of the Nile


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