Tuesday, 2 June 2015

They're coming to take her away..............

You honestly couldn't make it up

From the loonybin
Unpublished Insane at 2 Jun 2015, 21:43:00,

Enough is enough. Your technique of filling up the blog with pointless repetitive negative comments is over.

However, we seem to agree on one thing (if we understand you correctly) and that is Maddie died on May 3rd.

Please explain why you have come to this conclusion and the facts and/or evidence you have relied on to reach this conclusion.

Unless you are able to enlighten us, we won't be publishing any more of your comments.

Any regular readers wishing to read your opinions should know where to find them.
On your blog where you are free to swear and insult to your heart's content.

Well, I have no idea who the mad old bitch has lost her cookies over this time.

It's not me, you fucking psycho.

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