Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Charge of the Shite Brigade

The Textusa minions have been busy!
I am going to answer these questions over here, rather than have that jackbooted retard censoring them every five minutes.

So anyway, an idiot writes:

To Insane.
can you confirm that a human soul had been within 5a Ocean Club apartments
Human 'soul'?
I don't believe there is a test for detecting 'souls'. Perhaps you know of one?  
and if it was not Madeleine, who died in or was placed in that area to "create the Odours"?
How the fuck do I know? What is it with you people that you think you are entitled to demand answers to the unanswerable? 

Fact, 15 out of 19 indicators with Four unobtainable indicators states a match of nearly 80% to the DNA given by the parents of Madeleine from her pillow case, allegedly from the home she lived in the UK, so that gives a 1 in 5 indicator that the DNA did not belong to Madeleine!?
All of that is complete bollocks. Firstly, what is your issue with the pillowcase, or are we now all supposed to believe an FSS scientist and a police officer faked that too?

Secondly, this 15 of 19 statistic that noted Canadian fence artist Heidi Halfwit tries to bamboozle you with is completely fraudulent. The sample yielded 37 markers from at least three different individuals, 15 of which matched markers in Madeleine's profile, as one would expect in a sample procured from a vehicle used by both her parents - yes, the sample came from the car, not the apartment. The 1 in 5 statistic is completely meaningless and bogus 

You admit "Secondary contamination in the car"So who contaminated the "Odours to the vehicle if it was not Madeleine?
I suggested secondary contamination. There is no ''admitting'' to be had. Secondary contamination means by something other than the deceased, you dingbat. The dogs alerted to items such as clothing and the cuddlecat toy. They were carried in the car. QED secondary contamination. It's not difficult.  

If Madeleine has passed away, why was the Find Madeleine fund set up by Legal Experts from the UK?
How the fuck should I know? 

Hope you can provide answers Insane or Not Textusa.
Probably not the ones your little heart desired, but that's just tough.


 Anonymous25 Jun 2015, 09:13:00
Thank you Not Textusa, I'm struggling anon.
Well, it's good that you can admit it. I feel we're making progress 

Actually it was nearly 3 months before Grime. 

You don't quote study where cadaver gas persists for a year.
No I don't. What's the point - you won't read it

I can't remember what you wrote about the garden.

What was found in apt is referred to as cellular material. It produced DNA. It could have been white blood cells. If not, what was it? 

If you had read the files, specifically John Lowe's report, you 
would know that LCN DNA profiling is unable to answer that 
question. So why the fuck are you asking me?

Why did Keela alert? To what did Keela alert to?
Keela is trained to alert to blood. We don't know what Keela 
alerted to as no confirmed blood was found in the apartment

You say you believe she probably died on May 3rd in apartment.

So you're implying an accident. 
I'm implying nothing

If it was an accident, her body would have made direct contact with the floor?
Are you asking me or telling me?

You don't confirm that it was likely a burglar took her - so who did?
How the fuck should I know? Do you know?

Surely there are only 3 possible scenarios which account for death in apartment?
Oh really?

- A burglar/ abductor killed her, by accident or deliberately.
- Parent/s involved in incident.
- Accident when parents absent.
If you say so
If an burglar/ abductor took her alive, there can't be cadaver odour.
Well done, Sherlock


Sorry, struggling anon again.
Ah. Still-struggling anon. 

Not Textusa, you don't quote study where cadaver gas persists for a year.
You said that last time 
If it was in soil, maybe, as the information I read about chemical composition of cadaverine mentioned gas retained within soil and clay - but I'm sure without a source to emanate from, gas can't persist that long.
Oh well if you're sure, why are you asking me? 
The study I read seems to show a half life of 6 hours:
Predicted. And how is it broken down? And do you know what that actually means?
Yeah - that's not a study, dear 

Could you provide a ref for a year for gas to linger? Other than in soil.
No I can provide a study where dogs have signalled odour after a year, but I won't bother because you won't read it. If you had read the carpet squares study by Oesterhelweg et al you would know that study already answers the question for the time period we are dealing with here.


 Anonymous25 Jun 2015, 11:36:00
Smells disappear:
As common sense tells us
Yes, smells dissipate. You do realise that answer reinforces what I 
am saying, don't you?

Cadaver odour without its source - either a body or material contaminated by a body - can only last for a limited time in air .Not a year.
Ah - obviously not. Okay dear, where does he say anything about a 
year, or for that matter, a dog?

Unless Insane can prove otherwise with proper refs.
Otherwise than what - your guesswork?


Not Textusa, sorry, I told you I may be stupid, but I think I now understand some of this..
Really? And that's without waiting for, or reading, any of my replies. Remarkable..... 
M died on May 3rd but not in 5a.
Oh yes? How do you work that out? 
Gas odour in garden was old bones
(this is a primary source needed to create the gas, like a cadaver would?)
Keep going.... 
The gas stayed in the garden for nearly 3 months.
Wouldn't need to if it was a primary source, would it? Anyway, keep going..... 
The car contained no evidence of Ms body being there. Key fob was secondary contamination as was car boot
Now here is me being stupid maybe?
Oh don't sell yourself short. Probably.  
Gas wafted in from the garden and pooled in the cupboard, contaminating clothing and cuddlecat second-hand.
No - who suggested that? 

Only thing I'm still not clear about is how the car was contaminated?
Secondary contamination, dear. Do try to keep up. 
What was in the car which made Eddie bark so loudly?
Secondary contamination of cadaver odour, potentially. See, you got there, eventually.  

Any more? 


I sent Textusa the link to this page. She took it upon herself to instead copy all the answers over, after she had fiddled about with them. 
Then came this

Evidently one cannot reason with a McCann supporter. If one could, there would be none.
McCann supporter? Where?

As Textusa knows, I am not a McCann supporter. All I am interested in is the truth. 

As can be seen Insane considers his word to be gospel and they are so sacred that he refuses to share his sources with us.
Well dear, the day you share YOUR sources for your various claims is the day you have the right to demand sources from others. I sent you sources last week. You not only could not be bothered to read them, you declared that I hadn't read them either. Daft bitch. 

Henceforth, if Insane says that birds land on their backs then birds do land on their backs. No discussion. He said it, so it is so. Gospel is his word. *hypocrite klaxon*
A bit like your claims about what happened to Maddie, or the lack of a big round table? 

Any bird seen landing belly down shall be shot on site for being a disruptor and for just doing that on purpose to contradict Insane.
I don't shoot disruptors. I have only ever withheld one post for the use of a particular obscenity I refuse to allow. However, it's clear you remove 'disruptors', ie anyone who disagrees with you, because of the lack of cogency of your argument. 

You are working terribly hard on this ''holiday'', Textusa. 

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