Saturday, 18 April 2015

She'll not print this one, so I'll just leave it here......

No it can be done but it scarcely matters as the software used appears to be one of the branded hotel management software packages, not Excel. I can't imagine why you think a large organisation like Mark Warner would not be using customised software containing spreadsheet elements, not cobbling their own version together from a home pc.

I take it you have now acknowledged that the piece of paper was merely a copy of the tapas reservations for one evening, and not, as you previously claimed, so vital that:

'''' This piece of paper has the importance of PROVING the direct involvement of BOTH GUESTS and OCEAN CLUB STAFF in the cover-up of Maddie’s death.''''

I'm sure Johanna, like myself, will regard your apology as implied, seeing as I do recall we told you 4 years ago what it was, to a torrent of abuse from your shitweasels

So lets see what we have - you couldn't get your head around the fact that the time on a printout is the time the printout was requested, not the time the piece of paper went winging out of the printer, hence you developed another batshit idea about how this ''proved'' they had been tampered with. Yet again, it requires several people to point out the bleeding obvious to you.

You really are a complete fucktard, aren't you?

Do you really sit there at night, desperately manufacturing pretend 'evidence' to back up your ''They were all in on it'' delusions?

What a sad life.

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