Saturday, 18 April 2015

Oh, this one is a corker....

An anonymous poster asks textusa a very reasonable question

If you pressed Print - and set 'print pages 1-4' surely they would have the same timestamp no matter how long they physically took to print out.

  1. Anonymous 17 Apr 2015, 15:45:00,

    We have never printed files with seconds on them so we don’t know exactly how a computer works in this matter but we can look at the various possible options as to what it does.

    First, let’s understand what a second means to a computer. How many instructions can it do? The answer is measured in IPS (Instructions Per Second).

    As can be seen, a computer does millions IPS, making the standard measure to be in MIPS or Million IPS.

    In 2005, the average computer would process around 10 MIPS, or 10 million instructions per second.

    If a human was to do 1 instruction per second it would take him 27,397 years to do what a 2005 computer did. And many more years to do what a 2007 one would be capable of.

    To say that a computer would take anywhere near a full a second to send the information of 4 pages to a printer is false. Or half a second. Or a quarter of a second. Or a thousandth of a second, etc.

    The printing speed of a printer has nothing to do with speed of information flow but with the physical limitations of the materials involved.

    So, in our case, there are only 2 possibilities. Either the computer grabs the information as a whole (the 4 pages) and sends it that instant (and the time of that instant will remain intact until the end of the printing process) to the printer, or it sends it page by page waiting for the printer to be ready to receive the next piece of information.

    In the first instance, the printing time on every page would be on the same second (or better said, instant) be it 4 pages or 10,000. However then, one cannot have 4 days that have more than a second for the information to have been spooled to the printer, as we have in the cases of May 1, May 3, May 5 and May 7. To have hit the press button on the exact millionth of a second that the second changes to the next would be nothing short of amazing. To do that 4 times in a week, impossible.

    In the second instance, then the print times reflect the time when printer printed each page. Then we have a printer not invented yet.

    Thank you for your comment.
Allow me to translate that into English for you

She is saying 

''Yes, I am an absolute fucktard. However, I spent a week writing that post and I am buggered if I am deserting my central point without a fight. So I'll keep saying it and saying it and hopefully this interferring twat will go away in the end.''

Silly cow. 

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