Friday, 17 April 2015

Oh dear. Oh very, very dear.......

Morning all.

Been rather busy of late so haven't had time to sit around with a bumper bag of highlighter pens from Poundstretcher, colouring coding documents a la Textusa.

However, I will be having a few words about her latest steaming turd-o-gram.

In particular I will be reminding the stupid great tart that what SHE said about the water park notepaper was 

'' This piece of paper has the importance of PROVING the direct involvement of BOTH GUESTS and OCEAN CLUB STAFF in the cover-up of Maddie’s death.''

........... whereas I pointed out that in fact it was just a copy of the dinner reservations for an evening some days after Madeleine disappeared - a fact she now seems to have accepted. 

I'll also be explaining for the cerebrally challenged that the crackpot ''analysis'' she has spent four years compiling is, as usual, utter bollocks. 


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