Saturday, 25 April 2015

Nurse, the syringe.....

I know it's wicked to mock the afflicted.

That doesn't mean I won't.

Allow me to bring you this morsel, from a textaloon who seems to believe the entire Tapas bar was created for the sole purpose of making a more ''believable'' backstory. 

Great blog Textusa good use of graphics to illustrate your point. How anybody is expected to believe that a group of friends, let alone well off friends would sit every night at those wee brown tables in the chill of the night eating food is beyond me. It looks like the holiday from bell The statements from the waiters are more than suspicious describing deserts and after dinner drinks. The statements gave the impression of a good restaurant and then you look at the tapas tables and the cold stone floor laughable. Besides anyway did you ever try to sit at a table for 3 hours, no matter how good a restaurant it is inevitably it starts to get uncomfortable and you long to move to a less formal setting of a bar or lounge or go home. Well done on debunking these dinners you are quite right they lie at the heart of the case. When this case first broke I and I'm sure a lot of people were looking for red flags that pointed towards the parents involvement these dinners appeared to point towards them telling the truth. The nightly dinners showed that the children had been left every night and the night she went missing was not a one off (red flag) this was backed up with the fact that it was supposed that staff wouldnt back up dinners that didn't exist. I know the dinners when you desect it the way you do now seem ridiculous and laughable but in fairness to whoever came up with it they made the most of the very poor resources they had available to them. They are no doubt experts in judging peoples reaction, they new people would be looking for the red flags and the only thing they had available to them was an old pool bar with a couple of tables. You have to take your hat off to them they did a great job of creating the "tapas dinners" image a cross the world. That is until they were textused

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