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Irrefutable proof that some people will swallow anything

Okay folks, here we go. I'll be ditching a lot of this post because it's just repetitive cack, and I'll also be referring back to the early post Textusa referenced

Irrefutable Proof (Well, that's a laugh for a start)

Textusa's proudest moment - breaking the world record for the shittest post

1. Introduction

Back in August 2011, almost 4 years ago, we published the post “Tapas Quiz Night #4/?” whereby we showed that the Slide & Splash sheet was a handwritten copy of what would be transcribed to the Tapas Reservation Sheet of May 7:

Oh now, don't sell yourself short. Have you forgotten what you claimed? I'll remind you, shall I? 

'' This piece of paper has the importance of PROVING the direct involvement of BOTH GUESTS and OCEAN CLUB STAFF in the cover-up of Maddie’s death.''

That was the bullshit you came out with. Ring any bells? 

Then, we got a fierce and quite passionate response. Here are 6 of the comments received then:

Comment #1, from Insane to us:

Anonymous 12 Aug 2011, 16:47:00

Newman 5th May to 12th May
Hynd 5th May to 12th May

It's there in the records, f***wits. [now censored by us] Allow me to Un-censor It's there in the records, fuckwits

All of those people, around whom you have built an elaborate theory, arrived in PdL AFTER Madeleine disappeared.

Make sure you print this, now, or I shall have to make sure it gets out that you are publishing deliberate lies

It's just a copy of a reservation sheet, for a dinner which happened days after Madeleine went. Now get a damn life, you ridiculous harpies”


Comment #2, from us, transcribing a comment from Insane that we then censored:

Sina J 12 Aug 2011, 21:49:00


Zero tolerance from now on. You've been warned more than enough, as we've had enough of your rudeness. Learn to argue in a civilized manner or go somewhere else.

All, this is what Insane had to say:

"If *******, you would go and look for yourselves.
It's quite simple
None of those people listed on that reservation sheet - or the impromptu copy made on the slide and splash notepaper - arrived in PdL until AFTER Madeleine had disappeared. Go and check for yourselves, their names are all listed in the PJ files, together with the dates they stayed. You are being lied to, by Textusa and her sidekicks, for reasons best known to themselves.
These are all the details and references where they can be found
Savage, apartment G30, arrived 5/5/07, departed 19/5/07
Newman (Misspelled as Newan ), apartment fp08, arrived 5/5/07, departed 12/5/07
Hynd, apartment 0011, arrived 5/5/07, departed 12/5/07
Harrison, apartment dp03, arrived 5/5/07, departed 12/5/07
Mullard, apartment gp02, arrived 5/5/07, departed 19/5/07
Burdekin (misspelled as Budekin) apartment gp01, arrived 5/5/07, departed 12/5/07
Stinton-Heeley, apartment 0207, arrived 5/5/07, departed 19/5/07
Mackeson, apartment 0025, arrived 5/5/07, departed 12/5/07
Vincent, apartment cp02, arrived 5/5/07, departed 12/5/07 
Stop lying to people. These guests ALL arrived after Madeleine went. Do your research properly.”


Comment #3, from Insane to us:

Anonymous 12 Aug 2011, 00:42:00

Jesus, I have never seen someone get themselves so worked up over nothing.

It's just a copy of the dinner reservations for the night of the 7thMay. That's all. Nothing more. Whatever mad conspiracy you're all absorbed in, it's complete nonsense. Some of the guests on that reservation list didn't even arrive in Portugual until after Madeleine went missing. Take a chill pill. I know you won't print this - conspiraloons never tolerate their frauds being shot down, but you and I know - don't we?”


Comment #4, from Insane to us:

Anonymous 12 Aug 2011, 01:02:00

I just went back and checked - none of those guests arrived in PdL until after Madeleine disappeared - and you are accusing them of being part of a cover up? You are nothing but a fraudster - and I know you won't print that. Fraudsters are always cowards too.

Go and get a life or look after the ill person you are supposed to be caring for - leave the fiary stories to someone who is good at it. You're not”


Comment #5, from Johanna to us:

Johanna 13 Aug 2011, 19:42:00

Sorry to disappoint you all. I am certainly a seeker of the truth and I know the files almost by heart now.

The insinuation of this blog that every holidaymaker and every staff member is somehow involved in a huge conspiracy of WHAT?? is getting more and more ridiculous.

If this blog would AT LEAST do proper research and then spin their tale from actual facts it might be acceptable, but the facts are wrong.

This is the second booking sheet showing that the Hynds had a second week at the resort:

Try to keep to the facts is my advice.”


Comment #6, from Johanna to us:

Johanna 13 Aug 2011, 11:07:00

Again a hilarious entry almost but not quite completely missing the point.

Just one thing. As demonstrated on the example of the Hynds: the booking sheets were always kept in a weekly record. If customers stayed for 2 weeks then there would be 2 sheets given to the Tapas restaurant.

The Hynds for example stayed 2 weeks. The first booking sheet given to the Tapas restaurant gives their stay from 28/04 until 05/05 and the second booking sheet was then given to the restaurant the following week listing the Hynds as staying from 05/05 until 12/05.

Research is not difficult. To use bad research to construct the most ludicrous theories is an offence against those that still have some hope that your blog might bring them enlightenment.”


Basically, both Insane and Johanna were giving us the wag of the finger and telling us to go and read, carefully, the Ocean Club reservation sheets.

Yes, we were
Note that nothing they say alters the fact that the May 7 Reservation sheet is a replica of what was written on the Slide & Splash stationery paper. Insane confirms it without explaining why one would copy a page from a reservation book.  

We told you that, you retard. And why wouldn't you? Could have been any number of reasons - book mislaid, no blank pages available - it's not rocket science 
But what we have to acknowledge today is that if it wasn’t for them this post wouldn’t exist today. We were told to go and read them and we did just that.

And because we did go and read those pages very carefully, what we found THEN did indeed enlighten us as we hope to show today.

But then we were isolated. Then we were the only ones questioning neglect. And were, then, only starting to question the Tapas dinners.

You still are, idiot. 

We have kept this information for almost 4 years. We had to wait for the right time. We think now is the time to share it with our readers.

It’s about the 24 pages that make up the Ocean Club booking sheets (Volume III pgs 615 -638).

The pages we were told to read and that we did.

It’s quite a lot of information, so to facilitate things, we have decided to colour them by days:

God help us 
Textusa's psychiatrists draw lots to see who gets to evaluate her. Poor bastards 

This way the reader will be able to understand where the information comes from that we are presenting. For example, anything with a blue background is from pages 623 to 626 (May 4 01:48) and if yellow it will be from pages 631 to 634 (May 6 07:05).

They don't care and they won't read it. 

We warn readers this post is not an easy read. Good news is that it provides a cheap cure for insomnia for those with short attention spans who we caution to proceed at own risk. Please do not complain afterwards. 

2. Purpose of these sheets

What are these booking sheets for? That’s a question we have never seen asked but think of the utmost importance.

We’re not talking about the copies that exist in the PJ Files. We ask readers for a moment to withdraw themselves from the Maddie case context and place themselves in the normal, everyday routine that would exist if Maddie hadn't disappeared.

Apparently a list of the guests checking in was printed daily  We do not see anywhere where it's said it was for the use of Tapas. Nor do we see any reason for that to be. Why does a place who only offers 20 covers to Mark Warner clients need the entire guest list for the day?

And, as we'll see, printed during the night? Wouldn't that simple fact automatically exclude all customers who arrived during the next day from having dinner at Tapas?

These sheets appear to be something printed out daily to be archived inside some binder on some shelf of some office (supposedly reception) of the Ocean Club.

A daily customer list of all those who were staying that day in the resort. On paper.

And the question we asked was, why? What for? What is their use or purpose? Just to be in a binder and look pretty on a shelf?

Right - let's make this dead easy for you then we can delete the rest of this load of cobblers. Hotels and other holiday accommodation have these lists for several reasons. They will use them when people attend for meals to cross them off and check whether the meal is part of an inclusive package. Textusa has carefully deleted the last column which is labelled ''Saldo''

Do you know what ''Saldo'' means?

It means ''Balance''. It's a running total of charges accumulated by the guest which they have charged to their account.

These reports are run off on a daily basis, usually after the bar has shut and all the tabs have been rung in. It's not a difficult concept.

The records are frequently accessed. Keying errors and typos mean mistakes will sometimes appear.

And that, basically, is that.

The stuff about the time of the printouts and the superfast printer is utter bullshit - the time is determined by when the data was transferred to the print manager - all of that stuff was Textusa basically showing the world her knickers along with her lack of IT skills

So, I am going to delete the rest of this wankstain of a post and you can all go back to whatever you were doing before.

Textusa's closest living relatives pay her a surprise visit

Acknowledgments: We would like to thank our friend, Shaherazade for her contribution to this post.

Whoever the fuck you are, Shaherazade, you need a kick up the arse too 

Edited to add - just a little footnote for the tosser who thinks one cannot display seconds in Excel

Seriously, how inept are you people?

You can change it in Excel to show whatever you want. From the spreadsheet, go to the tab that says 'number'. Click on that in the corner of the box where there is a little arrow and it says ''Number Format''
Scroll down to ''Time'' and you can change it to whatever format you want, including showing the seconds.

I would have thought it was fairly basic to check something like that before making such a ridiculous claim

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