Thursday, 18 December 2014

And now for something completely different.........

I don't normally post stuff from other blogs or forums, but this is just too good to ignore

With acknowledgements to Cristobel from whose forum I have nicked this, and Tigger who didn't so much tear Tony Bennett a new arsehole as completely remodel his entire digestive tract, upon discovering that Bennett had been seriously libelling the wrong man.

This speaks for itself, hopefully. Bennett, you are a total fucking wanker. 

TWO MARTIN SMITHS - response by Tony Bennett

Post  myositis on Tue Dec 16, 2014 6:26 pm

I’m responding to an article by your member ‘tigger’ on her blog which has apparently been reproduced and discussed on one of your threads.

The central allegation she makes is that I falsely claimed that a Martin Smith in Dundalk, an inventor who has golfing business interests, is one and the same as Martin Smith from Drogheda who, 13 days after allegedly seeing a man carrying a blonde girl clad in pyjamas on 10pm on 3 May 2007, reported his sighting to the police.

I admit to having made an honest mistake. I think the Drogheda Smiths are Martin and Mary. A Martin and Mary Smith are also shareholders in the golf companies. It was not only a mistake, it was a bad mistake. 

In correspondence with the Dundalk Martin Smith in October this year, I admitted the mistake and apologised for it.

In his initial e-mail to me (9 October), the Dundalk Martin Smith wrote: “I, personally, fully appreciate that what you wrote was done in good faith and with the best of intentions and I think your interest in getting to the truth of Madeleine's disappearance is admirable in the extreme. But I should advise that the other people you mention in the post may not be so understanding”.

Despite doubts about the authenticity of this e-mail, I decided to accept it as genuine. 

In my post about the Dundalk Martin Smith’s business interests, I had referred to my doubts about his golfing company’s listed Directors, who included CEOs of international businesses. These were set out in an application for funding he’d made to ‘BES Opportunities’. He explained this to me as follows:

“The information that you found on BES Opportunities in Maynooth, County Kildare (link: was scraped by the owner of that site without my consent. Hence the inaccuracies, mis-spellings, typos and sketchy information. It was gathered willy-nilly from several sources and could be nothing but incomplete. However unlikely it may seem, it is accurate in some regards. John Coleman (ex-Bose) is a partner and substantial shareholder. We served together as army officers many years ago. Count Andreas Faber-Castell is a long-standing, close personal friend and is a board member”.

I replied the same day: “Clearly if I have mistaken you for the Martin Smith whose claimed sighting is now at the heart of the Madeleine McCann investigation, then I have made a genuine error and will take steps to correct it”.

The following day, Dundalk Martin Smith replied:

“Thanks for your prompt response. You obviously appreciate my position and concern”. He then gave details of what posts he wanted removed from the CMOMM forum, ending: ”Again Tony, thank you for your prompt response. It is really appreciated. Best regards, Martin”.

On 11 October, he wrote and said: “Thanks a million Tony. Much appreciated. Good luck with your continued search for the truth. Martin”.

And after all the posts were removed, he replied: “Tony, It would seem that you were as good as your word. So all's well that ends well. Many thanks. 
And I really do hope you get to the truth of the affair”.

I had of course suggested that it was the Drogheda Martin Smith who had concocted details of his Directors. That was wrong and I have apologised for doing so.

The Drogheda Martin Smith has been variously described as ‘a retired businessman’ and ‘a former Unilever Director’. I have no information to contradict this.

It is not the first honest error I have made whilst researching matters relating to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann over the past years. But along the way I believe I have also contributed some worthwhile new facts and insights.

So far as my doubts about the claims of the Smiths regarding their sighting of ‘Smithman’ are concerned, and about the two e-fits, and other matters surrounding the man whom DCI Andy Redwood asserted on Crimewatch was now his ‘central focus’, these doubts all remain.

I do not intend to enter into any discussion about the above statement. I would also point out that the poster named as ‘russiandoll’ has repeated on your publicly-viewable forum the errors I made about the owner of the golf businesses. You may wish to reconsider whether you wish that (and similar) material to stay on your forum.

I suggest that now that I have responded to the claims made on your forum you may wish to now deactivate my membership as I do not intend to post here again.

Tony Bennett
16 December 2014, 6.30pm