Saturday, 23 August 2014

Now - where was I?

Morning, lunatics.

Did you think I had deserted you? No such luck. 

I shall return shortly with my comments on Textusa's latest departure from reality, but I must just comment on the following first :

Textusa - I have been watching your blog over the weekend. No insane comments, no attempts to discredit anything you say, no requests for clarification .......just silence. Maybe its just a case of them not realising you have if!!!!!! I think you have shocked them with your perception of what the facts point to. Must be very close to the truth

Au contraire......

*Evil laugh* 

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  1. To the inarticulate knob end who attempted to post a reply, I am afraid we require posts to be more than four letters long. If you would like to try again after puberty has finished with you, we may reconsider.

    Have a nice day.


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