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Yes folks, it's that time again.........

Tearing myself away from the thrilling excitement afforded by the sight of 40 plods, arses in the air, peering intently at a patch of Algarve waste ground, I bring you Textusa's most recent ramble, translated into an Earth language.

I may chop bits out from time to time, mainly because they contribute nothing - not just to the debate, but even to Text's own post, but sometimes because I just can't be arsed with them, the same way one skips the boring bits in a book in order to get to the shagging or fast forwards over the Jimmy Carr bits in a compilation DVD, because he's a twat.

As usual Blue = Textusa, Red = the sane alternative

SY Contradicting SY  < standard conspiraloon title, meaningless shite
< Picture of Textusa enjoying one of her hobbies - crashing and burning

SY, the pawn, has been moved on the board of this sick game the Maddie affair has become A significant move. They have now as intended, set foot on Praia da Luz, right on PJ’s doorstep, or rather, right in their living room.

Meaningless conspiraloon cobblers; pawn, sick game, yadda yadda. Huge yawn.
The world saw live, British officers of that once prestigious police force known as Scotland Yard in very disreputable positions, namely on their knees, sifting with their hands through the dirt of Luz with the pretence enthusiasm of someone who knows that everyone knows they’re pretending to find Maddie’s corpse and also knows that whoever was watching them also knew that SY knew before it started that it would be easier to find gold nuggets on that piece of land than any trace of the English girl.
Fuck me, I'm bored already. Don't be a brainless twat, Textusa. Ruling an area out in a systematic fashion, without a real expectation of finding something, is not the same as pretending to look. It's the equivalent of looking for a missing screwdriver in the cutlery drawer - until you have done so, you can't rule out that the screwdriver is there. Especially if the last person to see the screwdriver, who you suspect has lost the fucking thing and doesn't want to own up, muses that they thought they might have seen it in the cutlery drawer. In a dream. Yeah, right.

Last Tuesday, the whole world accompanied SY's public humiliation live.
The whole world watched, maybe. But the only ones reading a load of cobblers motives into it were you and the textaloons, together with the fucktard wing of the Provisional Jill Havern forum, led by Corporal Helenmeg, a perpetual Eva Braun to Textusa's annoying little dictator.

SY would take that humiliation gladly and then some more if the real objective had been achieved, which, as we write wasn’t: to seduce PJ.

The evident aloof and distant posture by the PJ agents on site indicates clearly that PJ is far from being seduced into participating in the farce.
Bullshit. They are Portuguese. The ''bored shitless'' look is genetic

It’s like SY was telling PJ “look what fun we’re having playing Find-Pieces-of-Maddie. It’s fun! C’mon, play with us! Look how much fun it is to get dirty! Our mums will be furious!! C’mon!” and PJ answering “Nah… nope, not interested. We’re too busy here… having fun crossing our arms and watching the clouds pass by. But by all means do continue to play alone.”

I think it is far more likely they were saying ''Oh cheer up, Brian. I know your knees are giving you gyp, but look at it this way - the missus isn't here, you're getting a tan, and there's a cold one with your name on it when we pack up for the day. And don't work too hard, I want to make sure we're out here for the group stages at least......''

If the farce was a B-movie, it would be like
David Niven playing, as he did best, the gentleman thief together with his voluptuous female partner planning to have her (SY’s officers on the ground) seduce the owner of the house (PJ) while he (Redwood and his Grange team) went up to rob the safe (PJ’ investigation) up in the bedroom.

Please spare us your personal bedroom fantasies, Textusa. It's bad enough thinking of Fred, and how he must suffer as it is, without you providing us with unwanted details

But in this version the to-be-seduced owner has turned to the seductress and told her very drily “Madam, do tell your boyfriend that if he ever is within three feet of my stairs I’ll have his legs broken on the spot. Now please stay clear of me, I have better things to do.”
What the fuck is she on about here?

Whoever was watching TV on Tuesday, must have thought it was filmed somewhere in England, or at best, in Gibraltar. SY spending a very significant amount of human, material and financial resources on something that PJ didn't show even the slightest interest in.

Are SY acting on intelligence received and if so why are they, rather than the PJ, initiating the searches? Wouldn’t normal procedure be to forward this to the country with jurisdiction, to act on it?
Well, here are a few clues, idiot, you might want to try to keep up. They wanted to look. The PJ said ''Fill your boots. We don't think she's there, but feel free to poke about like a proctologist at an Arseholes convention if that's what floats your boat''

One just has to imagine the scene replicated inversely - PJ spectacularly setting up camp in Leicester to examine every inch of some piece of scrubland in its outskirts with helicopters, drones, ground radars, dogs, excavators, etc to look for the body of a Portuguese girl while SY, although present, would keep their distance from what was happening right in front of them.

It would be completely ludicrous, wouldn't it? Yet, the other way around is a real scenario as we all saw it with our own eyes.
Er - why?
Just the fact that anything that might be found has to be reported to PJ and so become part of their investigation and not of Operation Grange begs the question – why isn’t PJ interested in finding whatever is to be found there in the first place? Isn't it interested? The answer is yes, they are interested in finding Maddie's body but no, they're not interested in looking for it there.
Yes...........are you reading this off a card? Name? Textusa. Chosen specialist subject? The fucking obvious......

SY literally doing all the dirty work for PJ while they are watching them do it.

If everyone, and we mean everyone, didn’t know it was a farce, SY would be calling PJ incompetent.

As everyone knows it’s indeed a farce, everyone just cringes witnessing SY humiliating itself.

Using again a movie reference, if this was one of those American prison ones, the PJ was only missing shotguns placed on hips to be guards with SY in the role of prisoners, on their knees, dressed in SY uniforms instead of orange fatigues.
Yes, we all get the ''SY down on their knees'', chain gang analogy, Textusa. Now steady on, it's all getting a bit homoerotic and you know that'll play havoc with your HRT patches
Subtitle: Policemen clean grounds in Praia da Luz (man in blue is PJ )
Guards and prisoners don’t fraternise much in those movies, now do they?
No they don't. That's because one side has the guns, and the other is in leg irons. Is there a point to all this ''Scenes from the Boxset'' musings?

We think PJ has grounds to sue SY for harassment. In the last months it has been exaggerated.

But one thing one has to give the British side is that it’s persistent. But like any determined stalker, it’s shameless but above all patient. So it will continue to harass.
So SY said ''We would like to come and have a look please'' and the head Portuguese honcho said ''Make it so'' and you think that's stalking?

Now, once set foot on the ground, the problem facing Britain is on how to keep SY there on foreign soil where it is not welcome and where it is made to feel that way.
I'm sure they are big boys, and can look after themselves

It the intent is, as we said to infiltrate “enemy lines”, to do that one cannot abandon the battlefield. SY has to find ways to prolong its unwelcomed stay. Otherwise they will have to go back to harrassing-by-distance.
Sorry, how are they ''harassing them'', again? I don't think we established that, did we?

Sure it can go over each inch of that piece of scrubland in maximum detail where it has been authorised to be, but each inch scrutinised today is one less inch to have an excuse to scrutinise tomorrow.

That’s why SY has now come up with two other locations it says it intends to search. They couldn't request to search these when they asked to search for the first one otherwise they wouldn't gain time.

And while the request for these two further locations are under PJ analysis, SY has unsurprisingly to us requested to stay an extra week on the authorised location.

We also heard for the first time during this past week that SY also wanted to check the sewers near apartment 5A with optical cables. As far as we know this hasn't been formally requested or been authorised.

The octopus trying to spread its tentacles. Anything will do. They must stay.
Okay - let's stop there for a moment.
You think they are ''inventing'' reasons to stay? Why the fuck would they do that?

But what has been requested and been authorised is not clear. We didn't know the searching of sewers around the scrubland had been formally requested or been authorised. The image above, however, could be from the roads existing inside the scrubland.

SY thinks that only through continuous physical presence it can pressure PJ into submission. Into conceding in opening the files to SY's eager eyes. Or at least allow a SY liaison officer in the PJ investigation.
Ah - that's why, is it?

You think that if they get to stay long enough, the Portuguese will say ''Andy, old friend. You have been here so long, you are practically a brother to us. Allow us to share all our secrets with you''

I don't want to worry you, Textusa, but that ship has already sailed

They have deserved it, they think. After all they have spent loads of cash on “dinner and flowers” to now come away empty handed. Well, it is mistake many men do make isn't it? Ask any woman with self-dignity.

To any poor bastard to whom she is referring - you had a close shave, buddy. Consider yourself lucky
But they face a problem. That problem is ca
Mark Harrison, the British advisor who searched PdL in 2007 looking for Maddie’s body. A dead Maddie. A dead Maddie in PdL.
Yes...........go on. 

.............And go on she did. By reproducing Mark Harrison's report. So let's delete all that and cut to the bloody chase, shall we?

(I am also leaving out the bit about a bullshit report from CdM - on account of it being total cobblers)


*******Removed section of cut and paste bollocks and stuff so boring it would frazzle your eyeballs. And some silly photos with arrows*******

But let’s refocus on the game and what this move means.
Oh at last
Let us at this point make clear our position about SY and its investigation. Those thinking that we think the SY is whitewashing the events, are wrong. As also wrong are those who think we think SY is being honest to the bone and is after the truth.

Don't worry, no-one cares.

For us, SY has received clearly a clear mandate: to find closure on this subject.

What closure means (or indeed if the end result of this SY exercise will really mean closure) depends on what SY can do and how far it can probe into the material truth.

We are realistic and understand that it is interests involved that determine what “SY-closure” will mean. It's not sentimental things like “truth” and “justice” that determine such a thing of such political importance.

As we have said, there is a power struggle and so the weight of different interests vary in time, making the guidelines which SY will follow change. That’s why SY seems to be wavering between intentions.

Redwood is but a
Pac-Man. He, in our opinion, just does what he's told to do, goes where he's told to go and says what he's told to say.

PJ is most certainly subject to equal pressure at least it has the dignity as not to “moonlight” as actors in farces as we have seen SY do so often recently, namely UK Crimewatch”, “BinSuperBockman”, “Algarve-18-sex-assault menace” and now “SY Circus in PdL.

Too many farces in so little time.

Get. The. Fuck. On.With. It.

For us, there are 3 possibilities for “SY-closure”:
Only 3. Thank fuck

- leave things as they were and re-archive (abduction) as foreseen in our “
Or Stating the Bleeding Obvious 1, as we think of it

- a limited version of truth (death circumscribed to McCanns and/or T9 without exposing any cover-up) as said in our “
Rats” post (10JAN14);
Or Stating the Bleeding Obvious 2, as we think of it and which would never happen because you can't just ''decide'' someone is guilty if you can't prove it.

- or full truth (explaining the cover-up was due to wanting to protect the activities of swingers - without getting into too many names).
Or Insane Conspiraloon Theory 1, as the rest of the world thinks of any batshit lunacy that would require the complete co-operation of many hundreds of co-conspirators to achieve and which is the fevered invention of a diseased mind - Textusa's.

Only the last will, in our opinion, provide full closure.
Only the last would vindicate your schizoid witterings, you mean.

This farcical search of PdL scrubland is, in our opinion, a significant move away from the first of abduction.
No it isn't
It was never meant to be a serious police operation otherwise the search locations wouldn’t be announced weeks in advance, thereby giving an opportunity for possible removal of evidence. Much less by giving the visibility they did with a helicopter flying over the area now being searched and then take almost a month to act.
Yes, because anyone who has buried a body will think ''Oh crap, I had better dig it up and move it, that won't look suspicious at all.

It is a fact that UK is spending a significant amount of resources on this now presumed fact: Maddie is dead.

That is what has to be retained from this episode.

Overcoming the ridiculousness of this whole thing, it just isn’t reasonable to think that SY would be allowed to put up such an onerous spectacle without supposedly having a solid basis to pursue the “death” lead.
SY has made it clear these searches are working on the presumption she is dead and buried in the locale. It does not take a nobel laureate to work that out. Especially as they have said so.

After UK CW in October, Smithman was here to stay. After this operation Maddie is indeed dead.

For some reason Rothley is antagonistically silent.
You can't be ''antagonistically silent'' you daft old tart

Abduction has literally been thrown out the window.
No, it hasn't.

Here, SY has another problem: to explain how it came to the conclusion that Maddie is dead.
No it doesn't. Any police force will work on the assumption that a child is dead if it has not been recovered within 24 hours

After all, it was having reached that conclusion after a certainly laborious and painstaking process, that this ridiculous expenditure in PdL is justified.

It cannot have been on a hunch or a feeling. It has to be some sort of solid evidence as to why SY now absolutely assumes Maddie is dead.
No it doesn't.

Saying it was the result of a bungled burglary is not enough.
Pat Brown has come up (literally invented, by her own words) a possible scenario in which a burglar could have killed Maddie - accidental death by suffocation while trying to keep her silent.
Pat Brown can invent whatever she likes. It's a free world. Doesn't mean she is right.

On a first look it could be something SY could indeed use but Pat overlooks the exact same thing that Mr Amaral did when he spoke of the death by couch-falling accident: time needed for cadaverine to develop.
The minimum time taken for Cadaverine to develop to detectable levels has never been established in studies. The one and a half hours which is frequently quoted is a misunderstanding of the data.

The conversation between Jez and Gerry occurs at 21H15 and Kate realises Maddie missing at 22H00, that leaves less than 45 minutes for a process that requires at least 1 hour and a half.

Gerry and his pathetic “proud father moment” places Maddie in her bed at 21H00/21H10. He, unlike Matt before him, says he sees the little girl. He places Maddie in bed when he looks at her and identifies her as his daughter. That limits the time any burglary followed by manslaughter could have taken place.
Meaningless, for the reasons stated above. And why, if your story is that it was all made up, and they were all ''in on it'' are you discussing the finer detail of a scenario you supposedly not only disbelieve but also claim to have disproved?

As we said in a comment to our last post, when one sees a pig flying it doesn’t mean that pigs have started to fly. It means that pig was made to fly and one has to focus all one’s effort to understand how and why it is indeed flying. Because it is flying. That cannot be denied.

Whoever made the pig fly has to explain, in detail, the how and why.

Utter cobblers
So there you have it, ladies and gents. Something of a non-post, in which she says, over 30 feet of rambling bullshit,  ''They are looking for a dead Maddie''
Well, duh.

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