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Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

Afternoon all. Brace yourself, it's time for yet more conspiralunacy from the pen of the demented one. It was only a matter of time before she took her inspiration from the pen of Mario Puzo, and that day has arrived. Yes, she's on about the Mafia this time, so let's see what Textusa, or Don Corloony as she will be forever known, thinks on the subject, shall we?

Class Acts

A groundbreaking mural by Portuguese street artist El Banksy. His work is not as prized as his British namesake
No, not acts of class but acts of a class: the Modern Era’s Nobility, also referred to by us as the Establishment.

Ah - the ''Establishment''. So who are they, then?

Maddie’s case is, as we all have unfortunately come to realise, filled with novelties. One of its biggest, and we dare say surprising, involves SY.

For the first time in history a police force, the Met, was ordered to solve an already solved case.
Bullshit. How is it solved? Do we know where she is? Has someone been convicted? Then it's not solved, you dozy cow.

Everyone relevant in the game, including those with responsibility in SY, knew “whodunit” when that order was given out.
No, everyone taken in by your blog believes they know. But we have a thing called the judicial system - it requires that allegations are proven

SY was given apparently unlimited resourcing to spin a story about what happened to Maddie McCann.

Before readers jump to the conclusion that we’re advocating whitewashing, we aren’t.

You are

SY was given only one condition to accomplish the mission: make David Cameron look good.
Have you looked at that great barometer of British public opinion, the Mail Online comments section recently? A new Maddie story is about as welcome as Clamydia at a boarding school

That meant that it had to achieve closure on the subject but with a degree of satisfaction compatible with the set out condition.

In other words, SY was to spin that story but it had to make sure it had legs to walk. A Prime-Minister’s reputation was (and is) on the line so if SY comes out of this looking like fools, the fact that Cameron will not be satisfied matters much more than any possible damage to the prestige of the institution
So you actually think that the Prime Minister said ''Get out there and find me that Maddie - I have an election to win and she's my secret weapon. Shut up, Theresa, I'm in charge''?

At first, the task seemed easy. As we have explained in previous posts, someone, somewhere, underestimated the complexity of the case. That only dawned when it was too late, when the case was already under review.

The complexity of the case has nothing to do with what happened in Praia da Luz on that night. It has to do with interests in having not known what happened that night in PdL. Not about Maddie’s death because that could be outed if it didn’t, like it did on May 3rd, involve others who had nothing to do with the death.
No it doesn't. It has to do with not having the faintest fucking idea where she is or who did it, but a lot of theories they can't prove

The Black-Hat
Oh, here we go...


 For those not in the know, ''Capo'' is a term used to denote a leading member of a Mafia family

The interests of these are powerful, very powerful. They compete in the same league as the Prime-Minister. That’s how powerful they are. We even question if the Prime-Minister interests’ are powerful enough to compete with them.

So who are these powerful ''Black Hats'' that are more powerful than the Prime Minister, then?

And that’s the predicament SY is in. It has to spin a story that has enough credibility (or truth) that will make David Cameron look good while it cannot conflict with the interests of those that who fight the unveiling of the truth.

And who would they be?

By going with the whitewashing, SY will satisfy the BH Capi but will make Cameron look like a fool while the full truth will satisfy David Cameron but leave the Capi very unhappy.

Yes, but who are these ''Capi''?

Good sense and realism dictate that the answer will reside in between.

SY might even end up “spinning” a story very close to the truth. That will only happen if all other possible versions prove not to work.

So, unlike a normal police operation, Operation Grange didn’t have lines of investigation but only lines of acting. A true make-belief work.

Oh please don't tell me we are back to this bullshit theory that the Met went up in a helicopter and crawled all over the PdL scrubbery because they were ''pretending'' to look for evidence. Are you fucking mentally ill, woman? Seriously?

SY became actors in an ad-lib play. The script being written after the curtain was raised and is continously being changed according to the reactions of those with interests at stake to the different proposals in which direction the plot should go.

The public's reaction to what is being shown on stage didn't (and don't) matter much. It's too nonsensical so they won't even try.

The actors are being fed the lines and wondering what they're going to be told to say next.

What a load of bullshit

No one really knows what the punchline will be. Many have desires as to what they want it to be but no one knows how the play will end. No one really does.

There were 4 main lines of acting open to SY: whitewashing, re-archiving, partial truth (limited to the T9) or full truth (without getting into too many names).

We don’t believe in the possibility of whitewashing. We will sum up our reasons with just one phrase: it would be putting out the fire with gasoline.

So, in our opinion SY is currently working in the remainder 3 lines of acting.

We have explained what our opinion was about SY’s 2014 Summer Circus in PdL.

Seriously - what?

It “hired” a plot of land to set up tent and when the public (PJ) didn’t come running to participate as expected, it apparently “hired” another on the other side of town with even more disastrous results. To the point of having to leave town with heads bowed in shame.

No-one ''hired'' anything, you utterly mad cow. They submitted a request to search, which was duly approved. So they did and they found fuck all. Why is this so difficult for you to understand - are you ''challenged''?

It begs the question, if they, while in the first plot, quickly realised the operation was totally flunking as they were absolutely not captivating the PJ, why go to the second plot?

''Captivating the PJ''? It was a search, you gin-raddled old bag, not a performance of Shakespeare in the Park.

To answer that one has to differentiate between intent and physical move of props.


If the move to physically go to Praia da Luz made as much sense as moving the queen front left of one’s opponent’s pawn with the words “I will check-mate you in 3 moves with the queen” and then have to endure the humiliation of having a quizzical look on his face while he takes our queen off the board.

I'll take a wild stab in the dark and guess that you don't play much Chess, Textusa?

Physically, it made no sense. Even in intent it didn’t. Arrogance never conquers. Arrogance is hostile. It drives people away.

But we understand the move. Even if it lacked any emotional intelligence it was a show of force to demonstrate how “interested” the British were in solving the Maddie case. Use the public spectacle to force PJ into collaboration.

You are literally just stringing lots of words together that make absolutely no sense at all. I hope you realise that.

The British Establishment doesn't know what (or who) PJ is investigating and it is desperate to know. Only with having someone in the investigative process (like they had in 2007/2008) will they know where PJ is poking its nose.

They told them who they were investigating, you mad bint. They got them over there and showed them a powerpoint, for fucks sake

As we all witnessed, the process in PdL to seduce PJ didn’t go well.

Seduce? Jesus, the woman is obsessed.

Let’s set the humiliation and shamelessness aside and get back into the game. Let’s focus on what really matters.

That will be the day

Let’s go back, for a moment, to when SY marched into Luz all confident and pleased with themselves

What was the reason for searching scrubland 1?

We were told there were 2 reasons.

The first, a female British tourist, who says she saw an abductor with Maddie in his arms in that area. From what we’re told she said, we confirm it has to be Maddie’s abductor as only one is able to jump out the window holding Maddie and (not) leaving the traces he did in the apartment could equal a Portuguese individual speaking British English on his mobile to other Portuguese while holding the child and then with his bare hands be able to dig a shallow grave in rock hard soil. A freshly dug grave that would go unnoticed by the dozens of people who searched every inch of those grounds in the following days looking for Maddie.

No, that was a bullshit article from a Portuguese red top

Maybe it wasn’t with his bare hands but with some sort of specially designed shoes as he apparently left a sock on site.

The second reason was, if you remember, the three crooks who lived nearby. As if anyone with capability of thinking would bury the body of a child he had just killed right in front of own doorstep. In front of his and that of his friends!

No it wasn't

We believe the mentioning of the 3 crooks was for a reason: to convey the idea that according to SY three locals were involved in hiding the body. The body of a dead Maddie.

SY thickening the plot but fundamentally pointing the finger outside the T9. To PdL residents.

This was done to convince PJ to let SY in the investigation. SY thought that by saying “look how we also suspect, like you, that all this is greater than the T9” together with biggest police operation ever put on the ground in Portugal since Maddie 2007, it would be sufficient for the PJ to gleefully open the doors of its investigation to SY.

No it wasn't

As we said, that didn’t work.

Because it never happened

So SY upscaled its “help” to PJ. They started to say they wanted to hear 8 people of interest to the case. We don’t know exactly who they are or if, for example, the three local crooks are included in this group.

If they do reside in the area, they should be included, but if they are, why search the ground first and only after that question them? The mighty SY playing cat and mouse with local crooks? Spending hundreds of thousands of pounds when very cheap questioning would get them further?

Because, fuckwit, they don't suspect the 8 of burying her on a hillside. Do try to keep up

If they aren't, then SY is interested in 11 people and not 8. We believe they are, so let's continue with the 8 figure.

You haven't a clue, have you?

Like with the mentioning of the first 3 crooks, SY was now telling PJ, “listen, to show how transparent we're being it wasn't just those 3 who were involved... but 8 who participated in hiding Maddie’s body. See how we really want to help you?”

No it wasn't

And why would SY tell PJ such a thing?

It didn't

Damage control.

SY was negotiating with PJ. Telling PJ, ok, we will accept that you involve these 8 people in the Maddie case but that is as far as we want it to go. Please let us in and we will provide you with the all the evidence you need for a T9 + 8 scenario. That way we will all be happy.

That apparently didn’t work either. So SY was forced to up its hand. Thus the “hiring” of the second plot.

Okay - let's cut to the chase, because these imaginary conversations are just getting a bit tiresome now. So let's have your evidence to support this bullshit. Or you could just admit that it's all pure invention. Either works for me
For those of you who have forgotten where it is, here is a view of PdL from the sky. Probably taken by one of Textusa's flying pigs
It was to desperately show how seriously SY wanted to help catch that “gang of 8” – but that gang only.

What makes us think that?

Good fucking question

Let's look at the reasons, however stupid, that were given for choosing the first scrubland: tourist and local crooks living nearby.

And where precisely were those given as the reasons?

Ridiculous but the reason given for the choice of the second is beyond that: due to the comparison of differences in terrain between the years of 2007 and 2014 satellite imagery.

First, there is satellite imagery of Praia da Luz of 2007. Maybe someone might tell this to Mr Amaral because he says he was told there wasn't any.

Second, the body was buried in 2007 and then moved? Only that would make a difference, wouldn’t it? Shouldn't the comparison - if there ever was one - have been between pre-May 2007 and those of May 2007 to check the differences?

Third, seven years is a long time. Time for weather to even out any possible changes any small grave would make.

Well, that just shows how much you know, you thick cow. A grave cut can be visible in the landscape after a thousand years, and more recent graves can be visible because of the changes they induce in plant growth over the site. So much for your research

Fourth, the resources involving such an intelligence operation is staggering. For years satellite imagery was analysed in the Afghan war zone to catch Bin Laden without much success and the British government would then spend the time and resources comparing in close detail, or

granularity, all areas of Praia da Luz. But, even if it did, SY repaid all that effort and expenditure by spending less than a day there.
You really don't have a clue, do you? Photos taken from the helicopter flight is all that would be required

So we weren’t told of any plausible reason for the choice of those grounds.

You weren't told at all. You simply made stuff up

But there is one: the water treatment station.

So what does the water treatment station have to do with the Maddie case?.

A picture with some arrows. It contributes nothing to the piece, but fulfils a contractual obligation to include a picture with arrows in each post.

Just one thing: Euclides Monteiro, who we said was indeed a person of interest to the case, worked for Sisaqua, a water treatment company.

Yes, we know this. But what does that have to do with your mad theories? Your version has a completely different culprit, remember?

Now, that is a coincidence, isn’t it? Not many water treatment companies and/or stations in the area we would say.

SY went to the other side of town to show PJ that they were willing to really, really uncover truthfully the Maddie case up to those 8. By pointing the finger to the water treatment station, SY was showing PJ they are “in-synch”. So, PJ please let SY in.

But it didn't work. PJ simply remained distant and aloof. Staunch in its independence.

You are deranged, madam. Quite deranged

The relationship between the 2 police forces was best shown with SY trespassing while PJ waited for 20 minutes outside for the right authorities to arrive who could force open the gate on the other side of the road from the water treatment station .

SY's mission had failed completely and neither party made any effort to hide the discomfort felt.

Oh god, here we go again....

Things in 2014 are very different from 2007/2008. Then, we are sure PJ knew Maddie was dead and who was involved in her death. No danger to the public in Portugal. UK were clealy blocking anything that went beyond T9 and what else could someone in Portugal do but take the apparently intelligent attitude of saying “It's over to you, UK, you deal with these people”.

But the British took that favour as a sign of submission and just went full out on a slander campaign against the PJ in general and Mr Amaral in particular. Now it's paying the price.
Which ''british''? The tabloids? Since when do they represent the country?

Not being able to get into the PJ investigation, means that Operation Grange's results are completely conditioned by it. It would be a huge embarrassment for SY to come to a conclusion and then PJ to another completely different.

We believe there were also some Portuguese who agreed to avoid anything that affected business in the Algarve by challenging the UK cover-up.

Although shame has been completely discarded in the past by the British in the Maddie affair, SY Officers are human and the humiliation they were being subjected to in PdL took its toll.

After the graffiti on wall incident, it became unbearable to work in such an environment. One thing is to perform a lame magic act, another is to perform it to an audience that’s snickering at you.
Do you honestly think they cared?

That's why SY pointed out the water treatment station to PJ and then left as hastily as they could the hostile stage, noting that what mattered was the information gained about the people who used that piece of land, as per

Operation Grange update.

But what has this SY Circus in PdL provided to the case?

Three important things.

First, the confirmation that Maddie is dead. To bring her back into the world of the living is off the agenda. Maddie is dead. The public know she is dead and now so do the British authorities. Only a couple in Rothley still say feebly they believe she’s alive, but their voice counts for little.
What's this - the late news? Every fucker knows she's dead
And that’s the second thing to take out of this episode – how really unimportant the McCanns are in reality (please include Clarence Mitchell with them). How can anyone still think the couple would convince the government to spend this much money to convince the world that Maddie is dead escapes us. Their silence is not the result of one of their manoeuvres but obedience to an order. They simply follow orders. Like they have done, rather disastrously we concede, since that night of the 3rd.
And?The McCanns saying the fact SY found no evidence of Maddie's body proves that she's alive is an insult to the British taxpayer. SY didn't find any evidence because there was no evidence to be found where they looked for it.
Hello? We know all this, they always trot out the same mantraAre the McCanns stating that the coming weeks and months of work to be done by SY is useless? That the “deployment which was the largest ever undertaken by UK police overseas in a case of this type”, as per
Operation Grange update, was just SY throwing money away?
NopeThey do have trial session on Monday and as their image isn't exactly inpeccable they had to say something. They couldn't on Thursday say they were sad that SY didn't find the body and then on Monday go tell the court they want money from Mr Amaral because when he claimed Maddie was dead he hindered the search for her alive.
Can't we get you on Mastermind? Of course that's why they said it, you dozy bint.
The third is that the burglar thesis (whitewashing) has just lost its legs. After hundreds of thousands of pounds spent in finding a sock, there’s no evidence to support a bungled burglary followed by a collective local action to hide the body. And they really looked for that evidence. The whole world saw SY on their hands and knees looking for it.
No they didn't
The Metropolitan Police continue to search for Joana Morais' credibility, believed to be lost forever
An image the world is going to retain for a long, long time. Especially because everyone knew they weren't on their hands and knees looking for evidence. They were simply on their hands and knees.
Yes, well, it's quite hard to search from atop a pair of stilts
To now find that evidence elsewhere, SY has to have a REALLY good excuse to justify throwing away this money and SY’s public humiliation.

Anyway, who would believe that 3 local burglars with the possible help of other 5 people were able to fool the world for so long? A story like that wouldn’t stick and David Cameron wants one that does.

Lastly, lets us focus on the graffiti on the wall. It says, translated literally including errors:



It clearly shows the anger of a simple person. Of someone who has made up his or her mind based NOT on what s/he read on the internet written by “delusional lunatics”. A very simple and very angry nobody.
And I doubt very much that 'simple person' believes they were helped out by all the staff of Mark Warner's and a cast of local residents to cover up a swinging holiday
That’s food for thought for the class responsible for all the farces, pantomimes and circus acts.

Oh, it certainly is.

So in short, the Met went to PdL, searched two sites of interest, focusing on specific areas identified from aerial photographs, found nothing significant, and went home again. This is a perfectly normal activity in a murder investigation where there are no obvious lines of investigation and not them doing the equivalent of showing their baboon's red arse to the PJ

There, wasn't that much easier?


Joana Morais - you never had much credibility, no matter how you craved it, but aligning yourself with this utter fuckwit means you just kissed adios to whatever remained.

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