Thursday, 12 June 2014

Ha ha ha ha ha.....

 Today's guest publication is Paranoia Weekly

Poster Cynical Al on JH who everyone can see is none other than Insane/Not Textusa, appears to be supporting Textusa!!
On bottom of this page:

"I don't read BS much. I'm more partial to Textusa."

It couldn't be more funny.

Jesus Christ, some of you Textaloons are beyond parody
Hilarious response from the mother ship

    • Anonymous 12 Jun 2014 12:16:00,

      Thank you for your comment.

      We inform readers we won't publish publish anything more related to Al's musings because his views don't appear to have any relationship to ours.

      We are sure Insane will be furious with you if you've got it wrong. He thinks we are demented and deluded. Unless he has a sneaking admiration that he can only acknowledge secretly. Hmmm, let me think. Nope.

      A boy at school used to kick me whenever he could. To a 7 year old, being told by your mother it was because he really liked you seemed weird. I didn't like the boy anyway.

      Insane would probably say he kicked the girl just because he hated girls.

He's not me, retards.
Neither is the other one.


  1. I'm sorry you were disturbed today by a "conspiracy theory" put forth by a moonbat from the cliqueishly run JH forum, where I recently took enthusiastic exception to the promotion of grand conspiracy theory in place of fact based rational investigation, which got me hounded and tagteamed off that forum.

    I was surprised to find, after my unceremonious delete from that site, that I became the subject of wild conspiracy theory when I was accused of being a dual identity poster talking to myself, and as far as I can gather, i'm accused of being the alter ego of no less than three known bloggers, yourself included.

    I think JH have satisfactorily proved their propensity for giving up rational intelligent process (although I have to be careful here because several JH luminaries can't tell the difference between conspiracy and Conspiracy Theory, and when I used the terms 'intelligent' (meaning capable of thinking rationally, you know, what separates us from amoeba), 'intelligent investigation' or 'intelligent process' freaked out because they thought I was being arrogant and egotistical in calling myself 'intelligent') for increasingly wild assertions pulled out of the air. They made my point.

    I just wanted to clear that up. I don' t want JH to make controversy capital in my cybername. You alreadyknow who I'm not.

    I'm NotTextusa.
    I'm NotNotTextusa.
    I'm NotBlacksmith.

    I'm CynicalAl.

    And if you'll be my bodyguard, I could be your long lost pal.
    I could call you Betty, and Betty when you call me call me CynicalAl

    If you want a fuller picture post your email address in a comment.

    Otherwise peace to you AND Textusa - don't let the b'stards get you down.

    Let justice be done or the heavens fall.

  2. Hi there, thanks for your comment.

    Firstly, let me reassure you. I wasn't at all disturbed, just amused. Anyone who can string a sentence together without mentioning MI5, government conspiracy or kissing Tony Bennett's arse is automatically sorted into a special category, best described as ''People we don't understand''.

    The treatment meted out to you on the JH forum was in equal measure disgraceful and predictable. The truth is, they are happy in their little conspiraloon world, where a springer spaniel has the final word and lets not worry about the small matter of being able to prove a case in court. They would find it easier to deal with a rabid McCann supporter, because they know the rules - occupy the space on the opposite side of the fence and spit equal amounts of differently flavoured venom at each other. They cannot cope with someone saying ''You know that thing you have always been told was true? Well, that's just some shite from a red top, and every time you disseminate it you make us all look like twats''

    Hence the bullying and the completely ineffectual Candyfloss, who is about as much use as an airvent on a submarine, kicking you off instead of dealing with the bullies.

    The greatest irony of all is that since she did so, the discussion has ground to a complete stop. Most amusing.

    I too have been accused of being Blacksmith. Poor bastard, he must get sick of this. I just comment on Textusa, as of all the loonies out there she is the maddest by far.

    I don't post my email address on the forum. If you want to send one to me, mark your comment ''not for publication'' and I'll email you in return.

    For the record, I enjoyed reading your posts. I can't understand what the issue is with a post being ''too long'', especially as Bennett frequently posts two humdred metres of gibbering stalker logs at a time. If they have an attention span so short that they are unable to concentrate for the three minutes it takes to read a post, then fuck 'em.

    Their loss, etc...

  3. JH Forum is awful. Nasty, mob type attacks pick off non-conforming posters one by one.
    When the non-conformer stands their ground, they get banned. I knew CynicAl would get banned. I thought it would be for the supposed offensive comments, but no surprise really, it was for not refusing to back down from the mob attacks. Pathetic that candyfloss couldn't resolve the situation. Even though it was clear she agreed with a lot of what CynicAl said, she sided with the mob. "Warning" a poster publicly and allowing the mob to feel justified and post their egging on comments, is just the right way to let everyone know "mob bullying allowed here - it's our form of blood sport".

    That they're so sanctimonious and righteous, is bordering on delusional. Then again, with the StemcorMasonicGovernmentM15IRASymmingtonMPsAtAnOrgyEdmondsMaddie'shasaTwinFalseBirthCertificate...whathaveImissedout delusions - they are delusional.
    JH is scarymad as there are so many of them trotting out nonsense and agreeing with their nonsense. No-one puts the brakes on.
    Blacksmith revisits what a cesspit it is, every once in a while - and he's absolutely spot on. The delusions on their own are more bemusing/bewildering than anything, but the nastiness of the clique that comes with the delusions, makes it a completely disgusting cesspit.

    And yes, now CynicAl has been banned, there's not a lot going on, no debate, just posters scratching around for something to say. They'll be looking around for some other poster to pick a fight with soon.
    NotTextusa, I'd welcome you adding some JH commentary to your blog. :-)

    1. Hi, have to agree with everything you have said.

      I notice that she has banned someone else this morning for ''disrupting'' the thread. Disrupting seems to be the new word for ''not going along with whatever lunatic theory is supposed to be the official forum line''

      I never saw any evidence of CynicalAl posting offensive comments - quite the opposite, he seemed to be a target for most of them. When he was attacked by a whole bunch of them he was the one told to ''take a break'' from posting.

      It's a shithole with a few good posters who are consistently shouted down by a small, vocal, protected minority.

      I don't really care much about the silliness, the main issue I have with them is the same issue I have with Textusa - the vicious attacks on innocent third parties who are only peripherally associated with this case or who found themselves involved simply because they happened to be there at the time. Bennett's attacks on those people - like the Smith family - are such that he's very fortunate not to have been dragged into court more often.

      As you know, the point of this blog was to allow a forum for the publication of comments Textusa either refused to publish or that she took it upon herself to doctor, even when she was told to either publish it in full or not at all. I'm not a member of JH forum and have never posted there so I don't intend to devote much time to what is, as Blacksmith describes, a cesspit. Pulling Textusa's posts apart doesn't take long, and most of what she writes is completely batshit crazy anyway, so it's a no-brainer. But I might occasionally take apart something from JH, and people are welcome to vent here.

      Incidentally, you missed out the ''alternate'' cobblers, the''Maddie died on the 2nd'' bullshit and all the endless wank about the ''last photo'', but other than that, full marks!

    2. ...not forgetting the other innocent third party - the 'Big. Round Table' - which, until recently, was a central plank of the Textaloon theory until its collapse following the discovery of photographic evidence that it did, after all, exist!

    3. Yes, impossible though it seems, this was the thought process:

      ''Look at the size of that place, you wouldn't think they could seat nine at one table.

      Actually, I bet they didn't even have a table that big.

      Which means they couldn't have eaten there!

      So there WERE no tapas dinners

      You know what this means? They were all shagging each other! ''

      Honestly, show that to a shrink, and they'd slap the restraints on for your own good.


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