Wednesday, 21 May 2014


An idiot writes:

The next time your pet troll Insane/Not Textusa threatens you and your readers with legal action, you just quote him from his own blog:

"And in case you hadn't noticed, ''here'' is my bit of the internet. I can spread whatever I like, lavishly and with considerable vigour, on my own site."

That’s his words on a comment made by him about his blog on 20May2014 09:21:
What applies to him, applies to you!

The difference, dickhead, is that I wasn't using my bit of the internet to libel and harass innocent witnesses, unlike your glorious, jackbooted leader, Oberleutnant von Textusa.

Now off you run - those 12 year old girls and elderly ladies are not going to harass themselves, are they?

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