Thursday, 29 May 2014

Jesus Wept

Well, there's a festival of Textaloonery happening on the JH forum

Here's a little preview

  canada12 Today at 3:18 pm
So, it's just occured to me... what if the dig results in something of interest being found which contains DNA, which the McCanns supplied as belonging to Madeleine.

What if the DNA supplied by the McCanns was NOT Madeleine's DNA, and the PJ and SY have determined that it's not Madeleine's DNA, and yet the McCanns have given them DNA stating that it is.

What will Kate and Gerry say?

Interesting dilemma.

All supposition.

Let me put you out of your misery immediately. The DNA profile recovered from the McCann's home IS that of Madeleine. It really is that simple.

So no dilemma to worry your vacant little head with. As you were, everyone.

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