Wednesday, 28 May 2014

In other news.....

A new poster on the JH forum, who goes by the name of TozerDerry is trying to get the masses to understand the concept of a null hypothesis and to challenge their existing thinking.

An excellent idea.

Unfortunately, he is having to content with an assortment of Textaloons who just don't get it.

Re: Occam's razor, Not Occam's razor or possibly a third option ?

Post TozerDerry Today at 11:42 am
OK, that is a good start. Let us apply the Null Hypothesis here and see what it does to our belief systems.

You are suggesting that whatever the McCanns may or may not have done, the ensuing events were not necessarily of their own volition- that other major forces took over and they were swept along with the tide.

Assuming most people here believe that the McCanns were some way involved in more than just neglectful parenting, let us assume the opposite.

Right- we are fairly certain that the Mccanns left the children alone. for several nights. Let us for the momentput aside conspiracy theories about death before the £rd of May which I have seen and which seem somewhat fanciful. Let us assume that they made a truly catastrophic parenting mistake. And apart from being an unlikable couple, that is the limit of their sins.

They lose control of the narrative to an avalanche of advisors and commentators and the stroy develops into a mystery that cannot be solved.

Where does that lead us?

This is the null hypothesis approach and already it is suggesting alternative possibilities.

Up pops Loon No 1
I'm far from certain that the Mccanns actually did leave the children alone.

I believe the neglect story was contrived in order for the abduction theory to be plausible...?

Swiftly followed by Loon No 2, our very own HelenMeg
I certainly do not think any of the children were left alone during that week. Neglect is surely a red herring, and as Andrew says - was necessary to enable an 'abduction' to occur.
I actually didn't think anyone really thought there had been neglect other than those relatively uninformed about the case.
Neglect served the TAPAS 9 really well - as it made sure people spent hours discussing 'neglect'

Good luck, TozerDerry, you are going to need it. These clowns have been spoonfed a diet of neat bullshit by Textusa for years. Any capacity they ever had to think for themselves is long gone.


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