Friday, 23 May 2014

Calpol conversations from the lunatic fringe

As ever, Textusa's demented clientele are having a fit of the vapours and working themselves to a screaming, apostrophe-emblazoned frenzy about the modern equivalent of Junior Asprin.

Here's some examples

''I am speechless!!!!! ''

Oh, if only you were, madam, if only you were. But you're not. Instead, you are screeching incoherently, like a mortally offended owl deprived of it's last vole.  

''CALPOL !!! Once again Calpol...''

Yes, Calpol. Are you about to break into song? 

''Another "loving" mother, also on maternity leave (a 14 month old long does maternity leave last for in the UK?! all we get here in Portugal is 3 months!) and Calpol in the holiday luggage...''

Oh for fuck's sake

Let's make something clear

Any parents travelling to another country and not taking Calpol or an equivalent with them are completely stupid and irresponsible.
It's liquid paracetamol. Not Smack.

It can be used to treat pain and fever and is as essential an item for parents to carry as nappies. More so if travelling abroad - it avoids any confusion over the dosage and administration if the labelling is in one's own language.

I can't believe any of the people making these stupid comments can possibly be parents - this is very basic stuff.



  1. Just read your blog for the first time, left you a post already and must leave another one. My point: Textusa's theory, I think, isn't correct and won't stand the test of time, it will be whooshed by himself as soon as the police investigation is over. But why the hell do you bother putting up an offensive blog against him and everyone who posts there? Seems pretty idiotic to me, time-wasting, ill-intended and trash-like. I'm not defending him/her/whatever, just common decency. (Hey, are you his alter-ego, running two opposite blogs so you're always right in the end?ahaha) Why don't you write supported-by-facts posts, Textusa published mine and I didn't agree with him, so your claims aren't fair. As for the people at Jill Havern, most people there don't often make absurd assumptions, they just discuss hypothesis, some founded, some not so much, and those are discarded thanks to the debate going on, and that's all. You on the contrary don't post your opinion, just some very judgemental views.

    ps- let's see who posts comments and who doesn't.

  2. Thanks for your comment.
    I post my views because I think Textusa lowers the tone and the credibility of the entire debate with her nonsensical ideas, and her harassment of totally innocent witnesses is utterly reprehensible.

    I always write ''supported by facts'' posts as you call them, unlike Textusa, and unlike most blogs. You will only find facts on here, not rumours, not forum myths, not shite from tabloids and not idiotic theories courtesy of the mentally ill like Textusa and Bennett.

    If you don't like the tone, that's fine. Feel free to fuck off at your earliest convenience

    The Havern forum, for the record, contains a few good posters and a sad majority of brainless wankers

    And the reason the blog is here in the first place is that Textusa refused to post comments pointing out that she was wrong.

    Anyhoo, it's been fun. Let's not do lunch


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