Thursday, 22 May 2014

An idiot writes...........

  • Anonymous21 May 2014 14:39:00  
    Textusa we just love reading your blog, from day one you have had it about right, just so pleased you continue with your hard work and research you have many followers and one day the truth will come out. SY now look like a bunch of incompetant idiots thanks to their corrupt leader Redwood. Undoubtedly some sort of swinging went on, something that kept this group quiet for all these years, something that they were all afraid would come out and so they have continually lied and buried their heads in the sand. They are all unfit as parents and they know it. Thanks Tex xxx

    ''So tell me, Mr Tapas Waiter, you served the McCann party, didn't you?''

    ''Yes sir, I did''


    ''Excuse me?''

    ''You are lying. They never ate there, they were too busy shagging each other!''

    ''Er no, senor, I served their meals...''

    ''You're lying - were you shagging them too? Why are you lying for them?''

    ''Senor, I think you have been in the sun too long. I'll get you some iced water. You go and have a seat over there at that big round table...''

    '' * Oh Fuck* ''

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    1. This is hilarious - I love this site :D


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