Saturday, 26 April 2014

Your peasants are revolting, dear.

Meanwhile, back in the land of the liar, the duplicitous, the con-artist and the manipulator....

An anonymous poster writes:

There were 18 break ins according to radio prog. They say 5 alleged sexual assaults.
Guardian says 18 break ins which are described as linked incidents with 9 sexual assaults and 3 near misses.
SY were giving the impression that all 18 were linked - the same motivation therefore, otherwise some were just unrelated burglaries.
The link was perceived motivation of intruder as sexual, as nothing taken.
You say at the beginning 18 assaults to highlight this and I believe anyone with common sense read it that way.

My Reply

No, she clearly states that 18 girls were assaulted and this, as you yourself hane confirmed, is untrue. Textusa made this rod for her own back by previously protesting about ''intellectual dishonesty'' and claiming that she welcomed the correction. Well, clearly she doesn't welcome it at all. All she had to do was to acknowledge the error and correct it - perfectly reasonable to expect someone to correct an error. Instead of which she has blown it up into this.
SY did not give the impression that there were 18 assaults - they stated the number of assaults quite clearly. They also stated that they believed the other break-ins to be linked - that was never in dispute.
All that is in dispute is Textusa's incorrect information amd her attempts to shoot the messenger. She has shown herself to be a total hypocrite

We'll see if she publishes it
Meanwhile, I am going to take ''Anonymous'' to task on this :

'' You say at the beginning 18 assaults to highlight this and I believe anyone with common sense read it that way''

No. Let's be clear on this. There are two options. Either she made a straightforward error, in which case she should apologise, correct it and have done, or she deliberately overstated the figure to sensationalise the item, which is false and duplicitous

So which is it? You have stated it was the latter, which does her no favours, but which is probably the truth.

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