Monday, 14 April 2014

What planet is this one from?

Inspired by Textusa's rubbish maths, the (lack of) debate trundles on with this contribution from a certified dingbat:

Yes, the Smiths must be called to Lisbon by a court. Really? What court would that be which simply demands the appearance of people to give evidence in a non-existent trial of individuals who have not been charged with anything? They could play the most important step to solve this case- telling exactely what they saw,They have already done that in their statements without being affraid of the consequences ( Carter-Ruck),evidence given in a police statement is never libellous or aligning with the rest of the people involved in the game and be part of the cover up. Are you suggesting these good people are covering something up? A clever and experient judge must interrogate them and if they are honest, they must help Maddie to achieve justice. Lovely. How, precisely?No matter, who Gerry was carrying that night. If he was seen heading to the beach, while carrying a child later that night, means that what he was doing was after the time the police believe Maddie disappeared. He must have being searching his daughter, looking for help or protecting the twins from any other wrong event that night, IF HE REALLY BELIEVES AND ABDUCTOR TOOK HIS DAUGHTER. Any Judge will question what made him to have that decision and Gerry needs to provide a good explanation, not the usual rubbish delivered by his spoke man or the perverted media.Blah, blah  - yes dear, and that whole ''charges'' business again?
Wasn't significant the absolute silence of their family after the case being reopenned? Aunty Phill and the grannies, lost their energy to search they beloved one? What would you suggest they do? No, really - what would you suggest?

Fucking idiot

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