Tuesday, 22 April 2014


This is the last post for the time being on the topic of Textusa's targeting of a child witness. I think there has been quite enough information about her abuse of this child for people to make up their minds, but I want to leave you with one more example

In yet another post where she takes the statement, applies arrows, bows and whistles before declaring it a work of fiction, she says the following

''Either REDACTED didn’t have an ear infection and went to school that day and didn’t see Pimpleman as she say she does, or she did have an ear infection painful enough to stop her from going to school and so didn’t see Pimpleman because she wouldn't have been able to leave her house at the time and manner she describes she does.
It’s as simple as that.
Just out of curiosity, it would be very interesting to have the Police ask the REDACTED School REDACTED for the register of this particular absence, as well as its justification, and verify if REDACTED did indeed miss school on May 2nd 2007. Just a suggestion.
But let’s pretend we’re fooled by the 11 yr old girl.''
(The child described staying off school with earache and later going out to the shops to pick up some medicinal items)

The purpose of her comments seems to be three-fold

To try to convince her followers that the statement was untrue

To get as close as possible to identifying the child, without identifying her. I have redacted her initials and the full name of the school she attended, which Textusa included in the post.

To scare the child, by suggesting the involvement of the police

What were our concerns upon reading these posts?
Well, first and foremost we were concerned that the girl herself would read them and be distressed. Let's face it, most adults would be distressed to make a witness statement and then find a group of adults - strangers - discussing it on the internet, calling them a liar, so heaven knows how a child would feel, especially as she was portrayed as a victim of sexual abuse by her father and his friends. I could imagine she might be scared, too - she wouldn't necessarily know that Textusa is regarded as a complete joke, she could have been frightened that this rubbish was being taken seriously.
We were also concerned that not only did it amount to bullying of a young child by a group of unknown and unnamed adults, but it could also result in her being bullied by people in her own social circle who had read the same material.
We felt that some of the comments - especially the suggestion that the police should get in touch with her school - were specifically designed to scare the child.
Most of Textusa's output is just the rambling, nonsensical gibbering of the incurably deranged, but when she targets individuals she goes too far.
Naturally, we took this up with her. And of course she binned the posts. So we took the step of alerting a number of child safety organisations, both here and in Portugal, of the nature of the claims Textusa had posted, and advised Textusa of the same. We also advised her that she might want to inform her contributors that she was subject to investigation, before they pitched in and stuck the boot into the child too. She failed to do so.
What has this achieved? Well for obvious reasons, I can't go into details about the communications with these organisations. Suffice to say that I am happy that the appropriate agencies are aware of her activities and that they are best placed to ensure the safety of all concerned.
Some may think this is an over-reaction. Personally, I don't think so. I am sure we have all heard of cases where children have been reduced to absolute despair by online bullying, facebook comments, casually vicious tweets. I wasn't willing to take that chance. Let's face it, it would only take a bully a google or two before they found Textusa's venomous comments.
Sadly, I doubt it will change Textusa's behaviour. She has targeted the child in question, Mrs Fenn, Robert Murat and his family and others whose names came to be in the public domain. They have all become victims of her fragile mental health, and I doubt that will change. What it might do is make people think twice before they join in. This is not a game of Cluedo. These witnesses are real people with real lives. And they do not deserve to have those lives turned upside down because they were unwittingly involved in an event not of their making.

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