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They're coming to take you away.........

Oh god, she's off again.
Okay, here we go

18 sexually assaulted British white 6-10 yr old little girls in Western Algarve.
Nope - nine children assaulted. I informed Textusa that this figure was wrong. As usual, she declined to post it. More of that ''intellectual honesty'' she is always going on about

What next?

That is the question that is on everyone’s mind. Not only to those interested in the issue but in the general public's mind.  Is it bollocks

It’s becoming impossible to determine what is serious and what is a joke.

It’s becoming harder and harder for news reporters to keep a straight face when on the air about this.
Really? Well.. let's have some examples please,  complete with video evidence, of any news reporters pissing themselves laughing about this

For them, it’s like having to report as a truest reality that a big bad wolf has been shot by a hunter while lying in grandmother’s bed, dressed in her nightgown, just before he could molest a little white girl that sources close to authorities have identified as being called Little Red Riding Hood. Bedtime stories, Textusa style
This and what has been said about Maddie in the last few days have the exact same amount of truth and are equally newsworthy.

Now put yourself in their position and try to sell this story to the public, pretending that you’re unaware that on the other side every single person knows how ridiculous every single word you’re saying is.

But is it a joke?

No, we have said time and time again that there’s not a drop of humour in any of this. It’s serious and as there’s a dead human being involved, it’s dead serious.
Well, you seem to be spending a lot of time pissing yourself about it, so perhaps it's just you? 

Oh bollocks, lets get rid of some of this self-aggrandising bullshit
In March we had from SY “twelve offences, there were four in Carvoeiro, six in the Vale de Parra, Praia da Gale district and two in Praia da Luz.”
Yes. And your point is?

Now, just a month later, at the end of April we now have 6 more: one in Praia da Luz, one in Carvoeiro, three in Praia da Galé/Vale de Parra/São Rafael (Albufeira region) and one in Vilamoura.
That's right. 12 + 6 = 18. Good to see your maths has improved.  

Only the Vilamoura one, according to SY, is “a new offence which has come to light since the March appeal”

That means all five, were already reported to the Portuguese Authorities when the March appeal aired. Why weren’t they announced then?
Okay, I will explain this very slowly for the hard of thinking. They weren't announced because the Met did not know about them

Why only 12 announcements in March when 17 could have been made?
I can't go any slower.  They weren't announced because the Met did not know about them . Please try to understand before one of us dies

Says, Redwood, according to
CdM, that there may be processes “lost” in local polices stations, not known to the PJ.

What he's implying is that in many a drawer of many local police desks all over the Algarve there may be processes that the PJ hasn't been informed of.
No, HE isn't implying that. It IS implied in the fact that they had not passed on any details of those cases

The world’s most newscast crime ever, millions of euros spent in 2007 on it, a list of all possible paedo suspects made up and investigated and brilliant and competent SY (thanks to Crimewatch’s help, mind you) has been able to discover that local sardine-munching pot-bellied filthy moustached Portuguese local policemen have not taken a minute off their drinking to get their pudgy fingered greasy hands on all these reported processes of sexual molestation of British white 6-10 yr old little girls and then inform the PJ.
Again, your words, not his. If you would get your massive, gigantic head out of your arse for a minute you might realise that it is not uncommon for police to have crimes on file which they have not linked together. Often when Crimewatch airs in the UK, an officer with another force will realise they have something similar in their files. But you go ahead and take it personally if you want to, you daft cow 

What disgraceful behaviour then, what brilliant police work now. Oh do fuck off
And what can one say about a criminal who with the world literally looking down on him still has the gall to continue to prey and sexually assault British white 6-10 yr old little girls in the exact same general area? That is not mocking the police, that is entering the Louvre in broad daylight, steal the Mona Lisa, walk out and come back the next day, also in broad daylight, and steal the painting next to it with the corridor filled with policemen and journalists!
The last case was in 2010 you daft bitch 

By the way, if you happen to be British and white and have 6-10 yr old daughters, for heaven’s sake do NOT holiday in Albufeira! A staggering 50% of sexual assaults (9 out of 18) on British white girls aged 6-10 happened there. - More crap maths. There are only 9 in total
We cannot make a similar warning to other race/nationalities as we don’t have the statistics of where sexual molestation occurred for British non-white 6-10 yr old little girls or for white or non-white little girls of that age of other nationalities. Sorry. < Oh god, here we go
Best keep away from the Algarve altogether.

The good news is that British white girls aged 6-10 still have the whole of the East Algarve to enjoy. Just keep a safe distance from Vilamoura, and you’re fine. No one will enter the unlocked door of the villa you’re staying and sexually molest your daughter in the room next door while you’re sleeping. < You really are as stupid as you seem, aren't you?

On “UK CW's 2nd Update” post (21Mar14) we said that what was to be retained were 2 things: death and forensics.

That Maddie had left the apartment dead and that there was compromising DNA in Maddie’s crime scene
.< There never was any 'compromising DNA' from the scene. That was simply a lie by you about a baby boy
That was when we were on a 12 on the “sexual assault scale”. Now we’re at 18. So what is there to retain now?
< A pocket calculator?
Oh for fucks sake, I can't be doing with her International Shit Stirrer routine, let's skip some of it

In our opinion, very simple and very straightforward. The British are telling the Portuguese “You act the way we want you to act and you do what we want you to do OR we will do all we can to ruin your tourism by creating the idea that no British child is safe from sexual predators in the Algarve”.

Pure and simple blackmail.
Racist, xenophobic bullshit from the queen of the bullshitters 

It started at 12 and now we’re at 18. That’s a 50% increase in the “threat warning” to British tourists. In a single month. It denotes desperation.
You can't be that much of a fucking idiot. For one, you have doubled the number, and secondly the incidents were already in the Portuguese system. They have not been artificially inflated, shit for brains

Here, we would like to address a few words to just some we know read us regularly. When you decided to embark in calling for the help of a bully to preserve the “touristic” interests that were indeed at stake you should have realised that a bully, like everyone else, is only interested in his own interests. The difference between a bully and “everyone else” is that the bully usually has the power to impose his own interests. If he didn’t have that power, you wouldn’t have called on his help in the first place. The offset is that now you have to abide by his interests as yours have become irrelevant. Both the “touristic” and touristic.
A prize to anyone who can work out what the mad harpie is on about here 

Back to all readers.

The problem Britain is facing with the Maddie case is the same one it has refused to face since the last charge of the Light Brigade: it is no longer an Empire. < When was Portugal part of the British Empire? Er, let me see - Never. And what's more it was Portugal annexing half the known world that gave Britain the idea
As it refuses to accept this reality, it seems to forget another: the sovereignty of another nation is none of Britain’s business. Irrelevant of the numbers of ex-Pats that may live there. < I don't recall Andy Redwood announcing we would fight them on the beaches, Textusa
We don’t know under what conditions Portugal decided to reopen the process. We know that it’s not up to the PJ to decide such a thing. PJ is just the “working ant” in charge of the chore. <Oh don't talk bollocks
We know that the process was reopened. That, in turn, means that there will be results. Whatever they may be, they will have to be.< Are you thinking of getting to the point soon? This is so tedious I am almost looking forward to a picture with some arrows
Let’s for a minute imagine that a humiliated PJ worked for a single goal: to reopen the process.< Must we?

In doing so, it accepted ALL the conditions imposed by the British, just to have the green light to reopen. That they fully agreed not to investigate this or that and agreed that certain issues were off-limits to them. That they agreed to this and then to more. Just to get the process reopened, which happened last November.< Now, what the actual fuck are you on about here? The Portuguese did not need anyone's permission to reopen the case, nor were they asked to agree that 'certain issues were off limits' As far as I can see this is something you have simply invented for the purpose of this post. If you reckon otherwise, where is your evidence of this ridiculous claim?
Let’s continue to speculate and imagine that the same humiliated PJ, exactly because it was viciously and aggressively humiliated, has decided to now not keep its end of the bargain.< Oh, so the above is 'speculation' is it? In other words, you are simply making as this up. Is this that 'intellectual honesty' thing again?
What can Britain do? It can cry and whine of betrayal but that can only be done privately.< Betrayal of what? Your imaginary agreement?
It can exert pressure to have the Portimão team replaced by what it perceives as a tamer Oporto one. But things happened in the area clearly under Portimão’s jurisdiction so no way can the “working ant” be any different.

The same “working ant” that has had to put up with all the xenophobic humiliation handed out to them by the British.

So all that is left to the British is to blackmail Portugal. And that’s what it’s doing. < Oh Christ, she really has lost the plot
Forcing the Portuguese into forcing the PJ to tell SY what it’s up to.< They don't give a shit, you stupid woman
SY, out of the loop, is almost losing its voice from hollering so loud in the press that everything about Maddie should be done “jointly”.

The British who withheld vital and crucial information from the PJ in 2007/2008 now “demand” to know all from the Portuguese.

“Demand” may be too strong of a word. What possible card can they play after this one? 24 British white 6-10 yr old little girls sexually assaulted? 30? 36? Or other multiples of 6...

They do want it to sound like a roar but to trained ears it comes as a whimpering. A desperate whimpering. And we're not talking about our ears, mind you. Ours aren't trained.

Does all this contradict in any way what we have been saying?

It doesn’t. <It appears to have completely escaped your attention that the really big news the other day was that the Portuguese have said NO to the request for a joint investigation team. Everything else is covered by international treaties
We said and maintain the opinion that Britain wants closure on this subject. It seeks it as of May 2011 and has been unable to achieve it for the reasons we have exposed in many posts.

But wants that closure on its own terms, and that is to reveal the truth up to only where it’s convenient and that can only be done if they’re in control.

And they have clearly lost all control over the “Portuguese” part. And losing that control means losing the control over the “amount” of truth that is to be revealed as well as the timelines in which to reveal it. < Plus the Portuguese said NO
There's nothing to stop the Portuguese from coming up with an inconvenient report any minute. < Hello???? They said NO, Textusa
Britain is now back to the 1st Semester of 2008 but with two big differences: the first is that it is out of the loop and the second is now PJ has previously been seriously humiliated on the subject in question.

It wants to go back to that “cooperative” mode of 2007/2008 but it seems that this time PJ seems to be unwilling to do so. < Oh fuck me ragged, has she been living in a cupboard? THEY SAID NO, YOU DOZY HEIFER
What the British “Imperialistic” minds fail to grasp is that no matter how submissive and cooperative the Portuguese politicians may be (and we’re not saying they are being so at this moment, just raising the possibility) they cannot tamper with the “working ant”.< They said NO. A lot.

They may, as they did back in July 2008, “adjust” the conclusions that the Public Ministry is to reach but they won’t risk tampering in any way with the “field work”.< THEY SAID NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Things in Portugal don’t work in the same way they seem work in Britain and how hard it is for the British to understand that the world doesn’t turn around their bellybutton.< They fucking said No. Now fuck off
By the way, if you insult a country, at least have the manners to spell the names of places correctly. It’s Albufeira not Albuferia: The Met will learn to spell when you learn to add up.

Wot - no arrows? 

And Jardins Vale de Parra and São Rafael (not Sao Rafeal) aren’t locations. The first is a resort and the latter may be an hotel or a beach, both in Albufeira.

In March, SY said that six sexual assaults had happened in Vale de Parra. In April, it says that three happened in Praia da Galé/Vale de Parra/São Rafael, so we can only assume it was one in each.
They are both resorts, oh dozy one
Vale de Parra

British white 6-10 yr old little girls, whatever you do, DO NOT spend your holidays in this hotel!!! Stay clear away from it!
I wouldn't if I were you. That's untrue, and thus libellous. It's okay, though, I am sending them a link to your blog. You're welcome


Because Scotland Yard states very clearly that SEVEN British white 6-10 yr old little girls were sexually assaulted there!

No they don't. But I am sure you will be hearing from the hotel's lawyers soon.

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