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Textusa's victimisation of Mrs Fenn

When Textusa first decided to propagate her mad theory that every guest, every employee and every resident of PdL was part of a huge conspiracy with the McCanns to hide the fact that the resort was a haven for swingers, she was left with the problem of how to assimilate the local residents such as the charming and refined Mrs Fenn, who hardly fit the debauched vision she had conjured.

No problem - she would merely set about assassinating her character instead,

I notice this has been raised on the JH forum, so I thought I would point you at a couple of posts which might help.

In essence, though, Textusa believes that Mrs Fenn acted as a sort of false witness, to give credence to the idea that the McCanns neglected their children by leaving them alone at night. She claims Mrs Fenn said she heard Madeleine crying to give weight to this, because they were actually not at dinner at the tapas - on account of how they didn't have a table big enough -  but away shagging each other instead. Hey, don't have a go at me, it's her fucking theory, not mine.

As usual, she went about ''establishing'' this with some crazy, bullshit posts full of arrows. I suggest you have a butchers at the following. The ''Colouring Hats'' one is interesting, not least because of her unprovoked and vicious attack on a poster from another site, but also because of her ''if you are not with me, you must be against me'' declaration, far too reminiscent of how cults operate to be comfortable reading.

So, for those wanting to know how all this hatred of Mrs Fenn started, I suggest reading the following

Incidentally, it is always worth reading through the comments attached to each blog entry, for gems such as this from Textusa

''from now on any “Fenn whitewashing“ comment will either be censored or not be published at all.''
In case it's not immediately apparent, that was her way of informing the troops that any posts disagreeing with her about Mrs Fenn or seeking to defend her would not be published. So much for that ''intellectual honesty'' she likes to pride herself upon.
Whilst scanning through these posts, I noticed an old comment of mine. I thought I would re-post it here as it seems somewhat prophetic

You have a theory about what happened to Madeleine McCann. It's not a theory for which you have any evidence. You actually describe what you think happened in almost pornographic terms.

If that wasn't disturbing enough, you have indulged in a completely reprehensible and paranoid character assassination of any witness whose statement doesn't support your theory. And you do all this to the fawning appreciation of a little gang of admirers.

It is thanks in no small part to people like you, Textusa, that the McCanns enjoy the support they do, and have never been properly called to account for their behaviour. Your paranoia and mental instability is evident to anyone reading your flights of fancy. And it doesn't just extend to libelling innocent witnesses - you are now indulging in full blown fantasies about the people who leave comments on your blog, too.

You don't like anyone disagreeing with you, do you, Textusa? And why is that? It's because you're a narcissist. You have a hugely overblown sense of your own importance. In fact, you fit the criteria for a fanatic type of Narcissist, with typical paranoid features, to an absolute T. You are using this case and this blog purely for the purposes of self-reinforcement and developing your grandiose fantasies.

Know who else does that, Textusa? I'll give you a clue - he used to write a blog, too.

In the past year I have seen you write in the most appalling terms about people who come to this process merely as witnesses. People who saw something or heard something or knew something and came forward to say so. What the hell do you think gives you the right to speak about these people in such terms, Textusa? You have no such right - but that doesn't matter to you, because the most important thing to you is your theory, and your continual self-aggrandisement.

Your blog appeals to one type of person in particular - shallow, stupid, unable to think for themselves. They come here for their little frisson of excitement, and play up to your constant need for reassurance. They are, in essence, the friends who encourage you in your destructive behaviour because none of them care enough to say ''stop''. Why would they? They get their vicarious thrills from you.

In your last post you said ''a trademark of this character, how (s)he claims to loath the McCanns so much, but just loathes slightly more all those that accuse, in his/her opinion, innocent people.''

The really sad part, Textusa, is that you can't even see what a sad, self regarding comment that is. You see nothing wrong in accusing innocent people, and lets not pretend that their innocence is a matter of opinion. They are accused of no crime. Except by you.

The fact that you are prepared to accuse innocent people of appalling crimes simply to promote your own twisted theory does indeed make me loathe you even more than I loathe the McCanns. You are a bully, Textusa. You attack those who can't fight back. You are poorly informed when it comes to this case, and don't appear to have done your research properly, obviously far too busy with your little pictures and graphics.

People are catching on, Textusa. The more insane your contributions grow, the more people realise how little grasp on reality you retain. You have seen the comments

You won't take any notice of this, of course. And you certainly won't publish it - but that's okay. It will find a home elsewhere.

As for you, there is little point suggesting you get the help you so obviously need - the illusion of omnipotence you hang onto has too firm a grip for you to let go of your own accord, and let's be honest it's all that keeps you from facing whatever it is that is so lacking in your life.

Your posts will continue to be challenged, Textusa. Doesn't matter if you publish them or not - like I said, they will find a home regardless. You just carry on being the laughing stock you have become, okay?

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  1. Hard to chose who's worse...her or her minions. The second you disagree the bh are on the run...text is so right...etc etc. Although looking at the writing there actually appears to be 2 or 3 authors on the blog.


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