Monday, 21 April 2014

The legacy of Mrs Fenn

Textusa is having her Mrs Fenn-shaped cage rattled this morning.

    1. Textusa21 Apr 2014 08:50:00

      Interesting to see an article written in 20May10 which may explain the recent article about SY trying to get details of homeowners.

      We think the mystery couple, who apparently RENTED, aren't so much of a mystery to everyone.

      If one is to believe Fenn lived in the apartment above 5A, it seems this couple, who were GUESTS, were so disturbed by Maddie’s crying that they exited their own apartment, went around the building (front door unless open ajar needs a key to be opened), walked into 5A via backgate, up the stairs and sliding doors and soothed Maddie and then returned to their apartment and even with all the media hype, never told the police about this.

      First obvious detail, is that Maddie cried really, really loud.

      So, like we said in our “All Paths Lead to Rome” (20Nov10) it is rather strange that none of the T9 heard Maddie cry on the “checking” they say they did. “Checking” that never happened as there were no Tapas dinners.

      Second, it begs the question, where does this “mystery couple’s” soothing episode fit in the 75 minutes of Maddie’s uninterrupted crying, according to Mrs Fenn.

      Was there other crying episodes? Why did Mrs Fenn report only one
    3. Did Mrs Fenn also report seeing David Payne on the McCann's balcony at 7pm on the night Maddie disappeared, when she spoke about the soothing couple?

    4. How could Mrs Fenn listen to a child crying loudly for such a long time, when all she needed to do was call the OC 24 hour reception? The child could have been injured. Or she could have gone down to check,in case there was somebody with her. I find this story difficult to believe.

    5. Mrs Fenn didn't exactly tell the truth.. She Initially told the press it was nonsense that she had said anything to police, after making a statements then fails to report the soothing couple incident or Paynes balcony appearance, as recently revealed by Mr Amaral, when she did make her statement.
      What made her decide to say more later?
Don't you think it's strange that no-one has mentioned that according to Textusa's theory, Mrs Fenn made the entire thing up, that there never was any crying, that the children were never left unattended? Very odd that no-one has mentioned this. Because after all, Textusa, who never wants to be accused of intellectual dishonesty, would certainly not have deleted such a post, would she?
So I wonder what happened to my post, shown below, which she appears to have mislaid?
Is this the same Mrs Fenn who, according to you, made the entire thing up?

Having difficulty keeping your story straight, Textusa?

Or this one

 Mrs Fenn said nothing of the kind to the press. She stated on camera, on the only occasion that she spoke at all, that she had never spoken to the press, and that it was entirely fabricated.
Nor did she at any point claim to have seen or spoken to this hypothetical ''soothing couple''. Perhaps you can provide a reference to Mr Amaral claiming this, and if he did we can discuss why he waited until 6 years had gone by, and Mrs Fenn had passed away, to mention it?

I'm sure her ''Intellectual honesty'' will catch up with her. Otherwise it looks like she is just ducking the difficult questions. She does this a lot, usually claiming that she has binned my posts for bad language. This is, of course, rarely the case. She bins posts which put her on the spot, no more no less.


  1. They said look at this site and have a laarf. OK, Kate ..its gotta be you Kate - noone else would bother. Think I'll stick with the real thing in future - this is total crap

  2. Would ''they'' be the voices in your head, dear?


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