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Silly Tart........

Well, despite Textusa devoting many hours to getting the maths totally wrong, her latest ''Masterpiece'' (pfffft) has been greeted by the faithful with a certain indifference.
Let's have a look, shall we?
First to throw their Tin Hat into the ring is this contributor. We'll call her Ms B.Lo.Average, in recognition of her IQ

Ms B.Lo.Average
Smithman's night stroll through the streets of Luz HAD TO BE INTENTIONAL ! Why walk with a child in his arms, late in the evening, in the direction of where are many pubs and restaurants, if not to be spotted by passers by (and hopefully later remembered by those people)? It just happened to be the Smiths, but it could have been anyone, other tourists or even portuguese people (locals). All that mattered was to be seen, a man carrying a motionless blonde 3 to 4 year old girl, a girl that would be all over the news in the next couple of hours, vanished, supposedly abducted by a stranger!
What better validation of abduction by a stranger than eyewitnesses coming forward the next day saying they had seen a man carrying a girl that fitted Madeleine's description, going towards the beach?! (boat waiting, escaping to Morocco, etc.)

Why indeed, Ms Decidedly.
Possibly because he was carrying his child home, rather like the British holidaymaker identified by the plods?
But no - let's be honest. Whenever I am away on holiday and see a dad carrying his bairn home to bed my immediate thought is always ''Oh look - that man appears to be carrying a child to the beach to put her on a boat to Morocco. I had better say nothing whatsoever for weeks. After all - she could be a decoy''
So this frankly very silly first post triggered an eminently more sensible response from someone who hadn't been washing down handfulls of prescription medication with a bottle of Aldi's finest Cava. We'll call this respondent Me, for it was I.

Me 12 Apr 2014 09:15:00 Why?

Well, he could have just been a man walking home. That is, after all, the most likely explanation.

Someone ''wanting to be noticed'' would make themselves a bit more noticeable. After all, it was weeks before the Smith party even put two and two together.

It's a ridiculous idea. Anyone who thinks it through, sees how ridiculous it is

 Well, naturally Her Loonyship can't let that go
So, out she comes, thundering into the landscape like some simple-minded horse, full of the usual wind, piss and gin-fumes, pausing only to stub out her Embassy Regal and put Fred's dinner on a low light.
  • Anonymous 12 Apr 2014 09:15:00,

    Please explain in what way Smithman would make himself “a bit more noticeable” more than running directly into the, literally, the middle of 9 witnesses carrying a girl in all similar to Maddie?

  • Okay - let's just pause there a moment. My main objection to the post is that  the theory is ridiculous and by far the most likely explanation is that it was a man carrying his child home. Textusa ducks that completely, because she has no answer. Instead she launches into more of the ridiculous

  • A T-shirt saying “Just Abducting…”? A cap with stating “Abductor’s Union”?

    Or maybe just tell the Smiths “Nice specimen of a girl I just abducted myself, eh? There are more like this one, in the Ocean Club if you’re interested… Hey, just in the room I found this one there were other two!!! Can you believe it?”

  • Okay,  leaving aside - again - the fact that the entire theory is total and utter nonsense, if the objective is to get oneself noticed, then it's probably quite a good idea to get oneself noticed - and that means going somewhere with people milling about, not take chances on the dimly lit streets at a time when nost people are indoors. It's probably also a good idea if the brief isn't
     ''go out and get yourself noticed but not enough to be recognised. How? Well I don't fucking know, I am making it up as I go.  Look casual, if anyone asks just say ''these are not the droids you are looking for'' and get the fuck out of there...''
    Anyway - back to the mad old fool...... 
    The fact the Smiths only came later had more to with the fact they were paying attention to themselves and not to strangers, like Peter Smith says, “he did not notice those details as his pregnant wife was somewhat ill and he was constantly attending to her, not caring about observation of the individual”.
    Oh yawn, get on with it, woman. They reported what they saw. At no point do they say ''the man appeared to be trying to get noticed. We think this might mean he was a decoy...''. The reason why they do not suggest anything like this is that firstly, he wasn't and secondly, they do not suffer from profound brain damage
    But the timespan you refer, is very strange indeed. In times everyone who saw a blonde little girl on the street headed straight to the nearest police station (or so the tabloids report, mind you) it took some weeks, like you say, for the Smiths to come forward.
    Well, maybe they are normal people with other stuff going on in their lives, and not a slave to their erratic ovarian function,  the way most of your readers appear to be 
    Please read the following posts:
    I would rather perform bowel surgery on myself with a sharpened lolly stick
    Add to this that Gerry made an appeal for Irish tourist to come forward:
    Gerry made the appeal AFTER the Smiths had already come forward, and given their statements and this was in the public arena, having been the subject of newspaper reporting in Ireland. So Gerry's appeal is completely immaterial. I do wish you would at least attempt to research these posts, your command of the facts is extremely poor, especially compared to other bloggers
    About “Well, he could have just been a man walking home”, what an egotistical man carrying his daughter through the streets barefooted and only with flimsy light pyjamas on a chilly night. So chilly that even Tanner had to borrow a fleece.

    The temperature that evening was 16 degrees centigrade, which is extremely mild, so do stop inventing cobblers
    We recommend you read:
    We are back to the bowel surgery thing again. You behave as if your posts are sources of information, when all they are is sources of extreme mirth 
    Any more comments with insults like ridiculous won't be published. You have your own blog to do that.
    It WAS ridiculous. It's your problem if the truth hurts. Amusing though it is, you needn't try that with me. Unlike your deluded followers, your threats mean precisely nothing to me 

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