Monday, 14 April 2014

She who must be obeyed......

Poster to Textusa

What about Jane Tanner? If she's in on the cover-up why would she time her sighting of a man with a child at 09.15 on 3rd May, yet only report it the following day - the day AFTER McCann was wandering the streets with her daughter? Why?

Textusa to poster

''First, thank you for resubmitting your comment NOT published at 13 Apr 2014 19:12:00. As you see, if you submit comments in a respectful and polite manner they will be published.
Textusa 2 seconds later to same poster

''Second, by stating “If she's [Tanner] in on the cover-up” you openly reveal the true intent of your question and exactly on which side of the fence you sit on. Not many of you out there so far from the fence on that side as it's common understanding that Jane is up to Rob's borrowed fleece involved in the cover-up, as much as any other T9.
Yes, I can feel that politeness and respect positively oozing from her reply ........


  1. "on which side of the fence you sit on"
    Its puerile/juvenile/stupid and anything else you care to name but I think its funny.

  2. Textusa in the next paragraph went on to say :

    ''Fourth, thank you for pointing out that the following day was the day AFTER the Smith Sighting. Before helping us any further, let us tell you that we’re fully aware that two days afterwards would be two days AFTER, three days afterwards would be three days AFTER and so on.''

    The more pissed off and rattled she is, the more sarcastic she gets. It was a perfectly reasonable question which elicited a long and vitriolic reply. Quite unnecessary.

    Best wishes


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