Sunday, 20 April 2014

She who must be obeyed - revisited......

Evening campers
I want to reprise an earlier post, in which an eminently sensible and logical poster who decided to remain anonymous took Textusa to the cleaners. As a reminder, this is the story so far

She who must be obeyed......

Poster to Textusa

What about Jane Tanner? If she's in on the cover-up why would she time her sighting of a man with a child at 09.15 on 3rd May, yet only report it the following day - the day AFTER McCann was wandering the streets with her daughter? Why?

Textusa to poster

''First, thank you for resubmitting your comment NOT published at 13 Apr 2014 19:12:00. As you see, if you submit comments in a respectful and polite manner they will be published.
Textusa 2 seconds later to same poster

''Second, by stating “If she's [Tanner] in on the cover-up” you openly reveal the true intent of your question and exactly on which side of the fence you sit on. Not many of you out there so far from the fence on that side as it's common understanding that Jane is up to Rob's borrowed fleece involved in the cover-up, as much as any other T9.
Yes, I can feel that politeness and respect positively oozing from her reply ........
Remember it?

If you want to read the whole discussion you will find it here

It well illustrates Textusa's rudeness to anyone who uses logic and commonsense to challenge her loopy, bargain basement conspiracies

The story continues.......

    1. By your own reckoning, if McCann was parading Tanner's daughterthrough the streets at 10pm, and Kate sounded the alarm then yes - they raised the alarm when Mccann was not present. This is what you suggest, isn't it?
    2. Anonymous 20 Apr 2014 21:36:00

      Yes, that is exactly what we said happened, in our opinion.

      However we say the alarm, at 22.00, was raised prematurely (exactly because Gerry was out and about) while you said the alarm, at 22.00, was raised according to plan, which, in your opinion, was successfully executed.

      So will ask again if, according to you, the T9 plan was to raise the alarm while Gerry was out?
    3. It's hard to see how a conspiracy that involved meticulous planning between a group of people could go so pearshaped at the exact time of execution ie. 10 pm. By success I mean McCann had been spotted - job done. How could Kate have cocked up so badly by raising the alarm prematurely. Why do you believe this, I find it difficult to fathom.
    4. Anonymous 20 Apr 2014 22:30:00,

      Do not play with words. Explain why you said the raising of the alarm at 22.00 by Kate was part of a sucessful plan.
Oh dear - who's getting a bit tetchy, then? Temper temper, Textusa. Why don't you just answer the question, hmmm?


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