Monday, 14 April 2014

Oh my love, my darling, I hunger for your touch..........

Poor old HelenMug

Her devotion to Textusa has always been touching. Well, it has always proved that she is touched, anyway.

In her attempts to wedge her tongue (8 inch upgraded, forked) as far as possible up her beloved's backside, she has told off the saner element on the JH forum

''You would think everyone here and on other 'truth-seeking' forums would welcome blog sites that attempted to discover the truth and spend many hours trying to work out what happened. Yes - you know the bit about discovering the truth? That's the problem, Meg, that's the problem You would think that people would appreciate others' hard work, even if they had different theories or could not agree with elements of theories being suggested. There are only so many 'arrows stuck to photos' posts people need in their lives Meg. It's so last season   I would not expect a barrage of criticism, mocking and not particularly nice comments from people who were genuinely trying to establish justice for Madeleine. Then you have come to the wrong place, dear.
Therefore those that mock Textusa or any other similar site putting forward theories as to what happened, would seem to be people who are not here for the right reasons but are trying to deflect away from the truth. Textusa would not know the truth if it ran off with her handbag, petal.  Any forum or blog that elicits much criticism or sarcasm or nasty comments is likely to be one who is hitting the nail on the head. Thats just logical.'' Or, it is attracting the criticism because it's output is total horseshit, Meg. You can't play the ''If someone tells me I am wrong, it must mean I am right'' card this time.
So it was no surprise that Meg received the response she did, which included these wise words from ''Rainbow Fairy''

''....there seems to be no 'I may be wrong, this is only a theory' option, just 'I am right, and if you don't go along with every word, then you are wrong'
Very dogmatic..''
 That's you told.


  1. Sorry, but can you leave HelenMeg alone? I've argued with her in the past (as I'm sure you know) so I'm not a massive fan, but, as misguided as her opinions may be, I don't believe she deserves this continued abuse; she isn't a surrogate Textusa so doesn't deserve to be treated as one just because Textusa has been a bit light on the lunacy today

    Isn't it down to the people who have a greater insight than the morons that worship at the Textusa alter to educate others and rescue their minds from their seductively simple theories (they're simple if you don't read them, which, as you correctly point ourt, no-one does)?

  2. Hi Andy,

    Highlighting HelenMeg's toadying was specifically in response to her abuse of posters on JH who didn't buy into the whole Textusa business and her juvenile ''If you are not with us, you are against us'' cobblers. In doing so she was, in my opinion, very much behaving as a surrogate Textusa.

    Having said that I think her behaviour is mainly a symptom of her hero worship for Textusa rather than any malice, and because a) You asked nicely and B) It's the right thing to do, I will happily leave her alone in future.

    Best wishes


  3. Thanks. I did address the "If you are not with us, you are against us" thing on JH and she was good enough to concede that she may not have been quite right about it. Its rare that you get that kind of honesty with people that opine on Madeleine McCann and, as much as I disagree with her opinions, I do have a lot of respect for her for it, as I respect you for the graciousness you've shown here, which is equally as rare. Thanks again

  4. You are more than welcome Andy. Thanks for your kind remarks


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