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Let's swing again, like we did last summer........

 Textusa's central thesis is built around her idiot suggestion that the McCanns and their friends were all swingers who thought it would be an excellent idea to bring all the kids and Granny along on their ''Let's shag each other senseless'' holiday in the sun.

This is bollocks, of course. But when has that ever stopped her?

So, in the true spirit of Textusa-land  ( Suggested Motto - Let truth be ever a stranger) Textusa goes of in search of evidence of this den of iniquity her feverish imagination has conjured up.

So she starts, naturally enough where she usually starts

Robert Murat

Textusa's central thesis does not feature Murat. He wasn't even in Portugal when the Macs et al arrived for their annual ''I don't fancy yours much'' excursion

But, let's face it, the man's got a wonky eye, he must be up to something, right?

So whenever possible she'll shoehorn him into whatever fantasy her diseased menopausal little mind is currently working on

 So therefore I bring you, for your delight and edification, the Swinging World, according to Textusa

This world consists, apparently, of ''surprises''

Okay - not sure why someone who describes herself as a researcher should be suddenly surprised by things which have been in the public arena for 6 years, but let's press on

Over to you, you mad old trout.

1. The first surprise was to find out the number of computers/hard drives that were forensically examined in the period 19-21 May 2007: a total of 9 (nine).
Unless shown otherwise, during that period of time, the only people who had their computer material seized for examination were Murat and Malinka.

You do know that Malinka worked with computers, and was setting up a company, don't you?That he had done some work for Murat previously? It is a strange thing, but sometimes, when you run a computer company, it helps to have some computers about, you know?

So how many were there?

That's 4.5 computers a person. Maybe not strange for a real estate businessman but certainly it is for a simple employee like Malinka.

It's not strange for either, you dozy mare. Many households will have multiple devices capable of accessing the net, even if you are still slavering over some steam driven contraption running XP

So that's Surprise One dealt with. What else you got?

2. The second surprise was that the computers/hard drives that appear in the PJ Files are identified by serial number which makes it rather a difficult task to keep track of which is which.

Well, that's a surprise to you, maybe, but not to the police, who were running an investigation, not pandering to the masturbatory fantasies of some under-employed cackling fishwives with nothing better to do

Right, what's next?

3. Third surprise was the fact that it isn't clear in the PJ Files to whom each computer belonged to.

We honestly expected ownership to be stated perfectly clear.

Yeah, you already said that. Try to keep up, we'll be here all day

What else?

4. Fourth surprise, a very pleasant one. Page 875, referenced by kimHager in the opening comment quoted from JH does show clearly that “swingers” and “swinging” are words that appear with noticeable frequency.

But why this frequency?
Because “swing” was one of the keywords that PJ looked specifically for on those 9 computers/hard drives.

So let me see if I have got this right - your evidence for ''swinging'' amongst the McCann party is that police looked to see if there was any mention of swinging on the computers of two people who were nothing to do with them?

Yes, that seems perfectly logical. 

So if my next-door neighbour looks up the word ''plankton'' on his computer, does that make me a Basking Shark?

I think the most worrying part is that she describes this as a ''very pleasant surprise'' Still, let's not dwell for too long on what form this ''pleasure'' took. It's early in the day, and many will not yet have eaten

 So - any more surprises?

5. Add to this, surprise five which was to find out that the most searched keywords were “swing” and “lolita”. Only these 2 keywords were searched for on ALL computers/hard drives.

Notice the key words, there, pet, before you do yourself a mischief? ''Searched for''? Not found.

6. Surprises numbers six and seven were the fact that the word  “swing” was returned on 2 computers: “814” and “904”.

That is a staggering 40 pages of registries for “swing”!!!

Pausing briefly to pass around the smelling salts, what was actually found?

Well, it seems to be mainly a couple of pages from a porn site where thumbnail images relate to some kind offers, by a range of consenting adults, to let the viewer have a go on the missus in return for a go on theirs

Not everyone's cup of tea, granted, especially Textusa's neighbours, but none the less a perfectly legal activity between consenting adults.

These were computers belonging to young adult males. I would have been astonished if there wasn't porn on them somewhere. I think it even comes pre-installed on Windows 8

The daft old bag then witters on at length for some time, positively drooling over what she imagines to be the vast quantity of said porn, failing completely to realise that what she is basically looking at is evidence of a multi-image page being accessed, with lots of thumbnail images

Oooh no - this is paydirt for Textusa.

So much so that she blunders into the following

You see, this person visited 884 of these 908 links on 3 different occasions. And if one considers that on 1 of those occasions was to only 1 link, then he visited 883 links on only 2 occasions.
Oh no. Shock horror. Tell us more ........

Let’s detail those 3 occasions:

On 05/02/07, he visited 807 links.

On 14/05/07, he visited only 1 link.

On 16/05/07, he visited 76 links.

Notice anything about those dates, Einstein?
Indeed she does 
Not exactly a continued interest in the topic. On 5 Feb he shows a highly acute interest but the urge only comes back to him months later, on 16 May.

Please notice that this particular urge comes, certainly by coincidence, on the day after Murat is named arguido.

And also certainly by coincidence, ALL 76 registries of 16 May are “Last accessed: 16.05.2007 0:22”, “File created: 13.09.2006 13:09:2006” and “Last written: 16.05.2007 0:20”.
No, you absolute fuckwit

Had you actually bothered to do your research, you would know that the accompanying paperwork shows that the last date the computer had been accessed was the 15th May

What you are getting your rocks off about, when you think he accessed 76 links on the 16th May, after they had been seized, IS THE FORENSIC EXAMINATION OF THE COMPUTER,  YOU UTTER ARSE

But further surprises await us, dear friends. Let's plod on.....

7. As we said, surprise seven came from computer “904” in which 4 files containing “swinging” were found as per forensic report (2). They are listed in pg 948.
What then follows is a list of four files in which were found the word ''swing'' - not ''swinging'' as the lying twat claims. So it really could refer to any number of perfectly innocent uses of the word ''swing'', and Textusa has DELIBERATELY FALSIFIED and MISREPRESENTED this search

*see image at the foot of the post

 The daft old bag then rambles on with a load of fanciful old cobblers about some dickhead on the websleuths forum who claimed the McCanns flew from a different airport - all cobblers, naturally, but provided endless hours of amusement for me, winding up her tame bottom-lickers about it. Thanks guys - that bit was fun.

All of which brings us to our final surprise of the day 

8. The eighth surprise is when PJ cross-checked the agendas from Robert Murat, Jennifer Murat and Murat's girlfriend, Michaela, with Ocean club staff:
This stunning piece of work disclosed that - horror of horrors - the Murats and Michaela knew people who worked at Mark Warner. Well, how very dare they know or be friends with people who lived in the same place. That's fucking disgraceful. Don't they know that information like that can cause a serious and possibly fatal reaction in a conspiraloon? Schoolboy error,. really. The piece ends with Textusa gazing vacantly into the distance as she ponders the certainty that being in possession of someone's number means you simply must be shagging them, presumably vigorously and often, pausing only to abduct small children and falsify a Tapas reservation sheet

Textusa has been banging on for years about this theory she has that the McCanns were swingers. This pathetic attempt to further smear Robert Murat is nothing more than Textusa's latest return to the well, hoping to sup some more

What really is disgraceful and unforgivable as ever is her total disregard for the privacy of individuals who found themselves dragged into this case and her complete lack of any moral compass at all. She doesn't give the tiniest shit who she accuses, so long as it gives her the chance to further spread her sick and twisted fantasies.

Yep, she is one sick individual

 * Note search term ''swing'', not ''swinging'' as alleged by the lying heifer

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