Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Intellectual dishonesty

Who remembers the following statements from Textusa?

We have said time and time again, and will now repeat, that we like to be corrected. Openly. Transparently.

For logic’s sake. If things are there that need be corrected, then we must do just that. We don’t mind being shown to be wrong, on the contrary, we welcome it. To proceed uncorrected is to base following arguments on false premises.

To correct us is to be our friend. That simple, that true.

We certainly don't want to be accused of intellectual dishonesty.
 We have always answered our readers' questions and have always corrected our statements when we found ourselves wrong.

We have never pretended to look the other way when something went against our line of thought. On the contrary, we have always confronted contradiction. Just like we're doing today.

Touching, aren't they? A series of declarations straight from the horse's arse itself that it will address any errors. Apologies if any of you were eating breakfast when you read this. The next time we print something so patently untrue it will carry an appropriate health warning.

So when a couple of days later she made the following comment, we at NotTextusa wrote to her

Anonymous 21 Apr 2014 08:14:00,
Interesting to see an article written in 20May10 which may explain the recent article about SY trying to get details of homeowners.
We think the mystery couple, who apparently RENTED, aren't so much of a mystery to everyone.
If one is to believe Fenn lived in the apartment above 5A, it seems this couple, who were GUESTS, were so disturbed by Maddie’s crying that they exited their own apartment, went around the building (front door unless open ajar needs a key to be opened), walked into 5A via backgate, up the stairs and sliding doors and soothed Maddie and then returned to their apartment and even with all the media hype, never told the police about this.
First obvious detail, is that Maddie cried really, really loud.
So, like we said in our “All Paths Lead to Rome” (20Nov10) it is rather strange that none of the T9 heard Maddie cry on the “checking” they say they did. “Checking” that never happened as there were no Tapas dinners.
Second, it begs the question, where does this “mystery couple’s” soothing episode fit in the 75 minutes of Maddie’s uninterrupted crying, according to Mrs Fenn.
Was there other crying episodes? Why did Mrs Fenn report only one?
Now remember, Textusa has TOLD you that there never was any checking on the children. That the children were never left alone. That Mrs Fenn lied about hearing a crying child in order to cover up for the McCanns. That there never was a crying episode. Now she seems to be getting rather confused, posing the questions ''Was (sic) there other crying episodes?'' and ''Why did Mrs Fenn report only one?''

She can't have it both ways. She can't declare that something never happened, then ask why it didn''t happen more often. She can't say someone invented a crying spell then ask why she didn't invent more of them.
So, with this in mind we wrote to Textusa in the following terms:

Is this the same Mrs Fenn who, according to you, made the entire thing up?

Having difficulty keeping your story straight, Textusa?

She didn't reply, and she didn't publish the post. So we wrote to her again. Three times. Each time she ignored us.

Perhaps Textusa would like to explain how this fits in with her mantra that:
''To correct us is to be our friend''

The truth is that Textusa's ''logic'' is so fragile that this happens again and again. She forgets what it is that she is supposed to believe, and so trips herself up

The giveaway is the failure to publish posts. If she didn't believe she had got it wrong, she wouldn't hesitate to publish them.

But then, this is fairly typical of her behaviour and that of her tag-alongs on this site. They once spent weeks discussing the shape size and appearance of a table they all claimed didn't exist.



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