Friday, 25 April 2014

Holy shit

What the fuck is this one on?

Ah! Ah! Insane seems to be under the same desperation as SY and Redwood. SY and Red show no interest on ordinary burglars. It is mandatory to be Paedos and sexual assaults and very irrelevant if the act was consumated or not. They don't care about the victims. What is important is to have a limbo of Paedos who enter houses at night to assault children and keep the Mccann's and their helpers out of the scene.
You ( Insane) may explain us why on Maddie case the burglar decide to take the children with him and why after all the media coverage and tight control of the police ( including the
british) he decide to come back and keep doing more assaults until 2010?

I'm guessing this is the Artist formerly known as the Swingmeister.

I have suggested before that if you are addressing your posts to me, you do so in Portuguese and I'll translate them, because that's easier than trying to understand your English.

It's not easy figuring out what the fuck you are on about, but you seem to be reading rather a lot of bollocks into a post where I informed Textusa that she had her numbers wrong.

You also seem to be under the mistaken impression that I think Madeleine was taken by a burglar

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