Tuesday, 22 April 2014

First find a victim.....

Textusa's campaign of abuse against an innocent child started with a post entitled, ironically enough, ''A Child Abused''

She pictured a young girl cowering with her hand to her face.

The picture carried the words ''Child abuse - because things went awfully wrong for daddy's friends''

In doing so, she set out her stall and thesis  - namely that the child in question had been a victim of abuse at the hands of people within and outside of her immediate family.

That false portrayal alone is an act of abuse.

What was to come was worse.

Needless to say, Textusa didn't like this child's evidence. It did not accord with her view of events.

So this is what she did to her. As usual it involved some bullshit bogus analysis of her statement with reference to bus timetables, one way streets and other inconsequential bollocks.

''So why was REDACTED at 08.00, on a school day, walking down Rua Dr. Francisco Gentil Martins?

Because she said she was.

That doesn’t mean that she was. And if she wasn’t, it means she lied.

This is a very sensitive post.

I can tell you it was not pleasant to write, but like when disciplining a child, what must be done has to be done''

So here we go - she has accused an 11 year old child of lying in a witness statement. And she has taken it upon herself to discipline her for it. 

You may be asking yourself ''What the fuck has it got to do with you, Textusa?'' God knows, I was.
She continues
''REDACTED, the witness mentioned in the post, was an 11 yr old child when, on May 9th, 2007, made her statement to the PJ.

And we have strong reasons to believe that she lied. Not only because of what is said on this post, but also what will be said in future ones.

It's difficult to accuse a child of making something up in such a serious matter.

But do remember that you, like us, think that the "Cutting Edge" to be a Mockumentary because you, like us, don't believe the witness statements it was based on.

Including that of a "credible" and "reliable" 11 yr old girl

So now we have the direct accusation of lying. What's more, she throws down the ''If I am going down, I am taking you with me'' challenge, in the following:
''But do remember that you, like us, think that the "Cutting Edge" to be a Mockumentary because you, like us, don't believe the witness statements it was based on.''

Don't you find that passage disturbing? I do. She is telling her followers what they believe. Of course what she is really telling her followers is what they are ALLOWED to believe.

There's that cult-like behaviour again 

She goes on to say that the witness in question was not responsible for her actions, but she is still handing out blame pills, so guess who cops for a handful?
''But whoever put her up to this was, and is. Her parents to start with, and whoever else participated directly or indirectly in having a child go to the police and lie about the events involving the death of another child.''

So now she is accused of lying, and her parents of putting her up to it.

She continues:
...... today, TS is a 16 yr old teenager, who certainly surfs the net, and most likely has read us from time to time.

And that is the problem. She, unlike me and you, doesn’t read the blog out of passion or curiosity, but out of need, out of fear.

She’s at that age when she’s fully conscious of what she’s done. But unlike all other participants she was too young to be fully conscious of what she was then doing, but too old to be ignorant of what role she did indeed play in this farce.

I hope her parents realize that when they accepted for TS to lie they placed a heavy burden on this child for the rest of her life.''
Thus now she acknowledges that this child may be reading her blog, and tells her she must be afraid. Afraid for the rest of her life. How lovely.

And so she concludes
''I say this was clearly abusing a child.''
Well, someone certainly is. And having crapped all over her from a height, Textusa has the gall to say to this child that she regards her as ''absolutely blameless''. A liar and fantasist, you understand, but blameless nonetheless.

The first reaction to this post from Textusa's readers was, in the saner quarters, one of shock. The very first reply notes that the name of the child in question is widely circulated. I don't think Textusa even understood how shocked and horrified that poster seemed to be.

The rest argued about the bus timetables, or fell into step behind Textusa, referring to the child as a liar. Such is life.

So is that it - was she done with the topic, and prepared to allow this child to go about her business unmolested?

Oh no. Textusa was just getting warmed up..........

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  1. You should bump this strand of posts from tex up too....these really show shocking behaviour from someone of an (advanced)age that should know better. A woman who will bully a minor to prove a misguided comment.


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