Sunday, 13 April 2014

Everyone's gone to the moon........

We have long known that Textusa is mentally ill.

I think it's quite clear that her condition is worsening. Fred, if you are reading this, you need the signature of two doctors and some sturdy handcuffs.

She has now moved from the ridiculous to the full blown delusional. So much so that we won't be making reference to her new claims on here, partly because they are palpably untrue and partly because they are grossly defamatory

However, they cannot pass without mention entirely, as she has sought to bring me into her ridiculous notions

Specifically, she said the following in response to one of her regular arselickers

''Insane says that Smithman didn’t make much of an effort to be noticed, so he who isn’t noticed cannot be recognised. That’s according to Insane.''

So let's make this very clear. I said nothing of the kind

This is what I said, in response to another post

''....... he could have just been a man walking home. That is, after all, the most likely explanation.

Someone ''wanting to be noticed'' would make themselves a bit more noticeable. After all, it was weeks before the Smith party even put two and two together.

It's a ridiculous idea. Anyone who thinks it through, sees how ridiculous it is.''

In case that isn't clear enough for her, let me reiterate

Your suggestion that 'Smithman' was running about ''trying to be noticed'' is utterly nonsensical. I did not attribute this behavior to Smithman, as is perfectly clear from the words above. I clearly stated that the whole idea was ''ridiculous''

I am posting this on your blog too, Textusa. It is in your interests to publish it and acknowledge your untruth.  I strongly advise you to do so.

Don't ever use my words to attempt to give credence to your own demented ideas.

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