Monday, 7 April 2014

Conspiralooning for Dummies

1) Start a rumour

On websleuths, a source told a person commenting that McCanns travelled with Thomson Travel from Coventry and returned by Easyjet to East Midlands. - Textusa
2) Stand well clear
3) Allow to simmer
4) Add a conspiraloon
Gerry's blog: he returns to UK on Sunday May 20th to COVENTRY airport.
Whilst their return flight would be cancelled, wouldn't a new ticket issued be to return to the airport he flew from originally?

5) Wait for a sensible intervention
  1. The Voice of Reason 4 Apr 2014 19:12:00
    Why would you assume this?

    They flew out from East Midlands Airport. God knows what all that stuff was about steps rather than sky bridge - depends on the aircraft as much as the airport. They would have boarded by steps at East Midlands too.

    He probably flew to Coventry because there was a convenient flight. The two airports are not that far apart. You are trying to read something into nothing
6) Add some bullshit you read in a tabloid
Belfast Telegraph 10/9/07
"If the beach holiday had run its natural course, they would have returned on. Thompson's flight to COVENTRY months ago."
7) Add an even bigger loon
Even Bigger Lunatic 4 Apr 2014 19:36:00
Thompson Fly

What did Kate say about 3 coincidences? No longer coincidences.
8)  Wait for another sensible intervention/ambulance
Sensible person, sensibly 4 Apr 2014 19:51:00
They flew from East Midlands

“Okay. And where did you fly from?”

“Erm, East Midlands”.

“And who was on the flight?”

“Erm, we flew, we organised, erm, our own flights, because obviously Matt and Rachael and Jane and Russell are South and nearer London and the actual MARK WARNER flights were from London, we felt, with our children being the age they were and the flight times it was just going to be a nightmare, erm, getting up, you know, really early in the morning and getting down to London, so we opted to organise our own flights from, you know, our regional Airport.

It's perfectly possible they had booked return flights to Coventry. The distance was about the same and they had gone by taxi. So what? It makes not a blind bit of difference.
9)  Misinterpret some files and call something bogus
  1. The flights in PJ Files for Gerry and Paynes are all ww5531, nothing at all for DW.
    Kate is ww5532, Maddie ww5533, Sean ww5534 and Amelie ww5535
    This is the flight number and links to E Midlands, but this means 5 different flights or this is a bogus schedule.
10) Add some more bullshit from a tabloid
Leicester Mercury 26/4/08 "Where is she? Who took out beautiful girl?"
"On Saturday 28th of April 2007, bmibaby flight ww5532 took off from E Midlands to Faro at 9.47am...

(;Kate's was the only flight in PJ files with this flight number.)
11) Add some bullshit from a forum
    1. Anon 20:28
      I read, I think in JH, that the discrepancies were attributed to Excel spreadsheet quirks but that doesn't explain why Gerry and the Paynes have the same flight number (if quirk then all should be sequenced numbers) and doesn't account for DW not being on the flight list.
    12) Throw in a rumour
    1. Gossiping Hag 4 Apr 2014 20:56:00
    2. DW disagreed with G’s statement about the use of taxis, car seats for kids and more when ‘they’ arrived at Faro so my guess is she didn’t travel with them.
    13) Add a fuckwit
    1. Bizarre suggestion that they went from E Midlands but booked return to Coventry! I don't think no-frills airlines work like that.
    14) Deploy secondary fuckwit
    1. Even Bigger Fuckwit 4 Apr 2014 21:13:00
    2. Anon 20:56
      But why does DW appear on the airport bus at Faro with the others?
    15) Emergency situation - deploy counter measures, Dive, dive!
    1. Infoil Hatter 4 Apr 2014 21:34:00
    2. 3 possibilities:
      -that footage isn't from the Luz 2007 holiday
      -the flight numbers are made up
      I say both.
    16) Non sequitur engaged
    Maybe DW booked separately on the flight and because she was staying somewhere else, she didn't appear on the MW flight listings as she wasn't a MW guest?
    17) Fuck this for a game of soldiers
    1. Fuck me, why am I bothering? 4 Apr 2014 21:45:00
    2. ''Bizarre suggestion that they went from E Midlands but booked return to Coventry! I don't think no-frills airlines work like that''

      Of course they do. What are you on about? Each journey can be booked with different carriers. It's not really the issue, anyway. The claim was that they flew from Coventry and they didn't

      What, in any case, does it have to do with these claims about swinging?

    Continues until the end of time....................... 

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