Wednesday, 2 April 2014

An interesting development.......

Some of you may remember this post from last month

In that post I discussed how quiet it had been on Textusa's blog and the reasons why. I also alluded to comments I had received from Textusa readers who were frustrated that they had been taken in by her

It has been interesting therefore to see that this discontent has spread to other places and hence back to Textusa.

Textusa has taken the stance I expected her to take. She has turned on her own supporters. Take care not to be seen as too ''enthusiastic'' in your belief because she'll suspect you most of all. How do I know? Well because she told us so.

More dangerous than a wolf in sheep’s skin is one in owl’s feathers.
That’s why through time we have become wary of some overenthusiastic supporters. We've seen before how some try to use our information and twist it.
Only the 3 of us represent Textusa. And we represent it here and here only.

So watch out now. Her paranoia is worse than ever. And she will come after the fervent believers most of all.


Because she knows that to profess a 100% belief in her nonsense, one would have to be:

* Stupid - in which case she has no respect for the fact that you fell for her nonsense and cannot think for yourself, or

* Lying - in which case she fears you. 

This has a long way to run. A long, long way to run.

***To my correspondent - thank you for your messages. I can assure you they will remain unpublished until and unless you specifically request otherwise. In response to your question, I think you are right, but that she has painted herself into a corner and can't back down now. Stick to your guns and good luck. ***

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