Monday, 7 April 2014

An example of the kind of ''Special'' poster Textusa attracts

In her latest nonsensical post, Textusa ponders on what she sees as the 8th surprise - shock horror, some of the people in PdL knew each other.
This topic has raged on, attracting a complete lunatic. Here's the story so far

    1. Why would Murat's girlfriend (married to another man) have the number of a laundry worker?

    Why wouldn't a woman have the number of another woman? And what does her marital staus have to do with it?
    Perfectly reasonable questions 6 Apr 2014 19:54:00
    Why wouldn't she?

    So she has the number of another local woman in her phone - don't you have phone numbers for people you know?

    I can't see what you are getting at
    Ah - someone agrees. But wait, the lunatic isn't done yet
    Nosy Bitch and getting a bit cross now  6 Apr 2014 21:21:00
    I’m getting at that Michaela has 2 very suspicious phone numbers, one is from Marina that turns out is also from a Tania and the other is from a laundry worker in the resort that happens to work under Marina/Tania who is Silvia but turns out to be Sonia.
    And Marina AKA Tania is on Michaela’s phone book and doesn’t know Murat.
    Yes, I imagine you don’t find all this strange. I do. There’s a closer connection between the Murat’s and Ocean Club than was shown. Why hide this?

    What the actual fuck are you on about, you senile old bat?

    Normal person 7 Apr 2014 07:35:00
    What a load of nonsense. Stop trying to squirm your way out of it

    Quite, sir! Oh hang on, the mad fucktard is back.......

    Mad, nosy bitch, clearly losing the plot 7 Apr 2014 12:18:00
    Are you denying what is written? PJ says that one Sonia's number in Michaela's phonebook is the same one used by Silvia Cravinho, a laundry worker. Sonia and Silvia share the same number then and by coincidence it's on Michaela's phonebook.
    Same thing with a Tania and Marina Castela who seem to share a fixed line number (mobiles in Portugal start with a 9 and fixed lines with a 2) that also happens to be in Michaela's phonebook.
    Michaela has Marina's numbers both fixed and mobile.
    Marina Castela says "She saw the suspect, Robert Murat, for the first time on that day at about 12.30 when the witness went to meet GNR officers whom she cannot identify, to open the doors for them and speak to guests staying in apartments in block 6 " and "Given his behaviour, for a few minutes the witness thought that he belonged to one of the security forces, namely the PJ"
    Marina's both mobile and fixed numbers are on Robert Murat's girlfriends phonebook and she thinks he's PJ???
    Yes, it IS a load of nonsense.

    Jesus - take a chill pill, woman!

    Oh god, what's her problem now? 7 Apr 2014 13:02:00
    I think you need to calm yourself down a bit and work out what you think is amiss here

    A lot of these people lived in staff quarters, so it's perfectly possible some of the numbers are the same. And are you saying that just because someone's numbers are on Michaela's phone, they are automatically going to recognise her boyfriend? That's compltely ridiculous. I have numbers for people in my phone whose partners I have never met - why is that unusual?

    You are not making any sense at all

    Indeed she isn't. She's clearly mentally ill ....

    Mad bitch with a very bad attitude 7 Apr 2014 16:41:00
    Live in staff quarters? Shared cellphones? What next? They worked for a meal fro dawn to dusk on the fields for their slave masters? What a loathsome xenophobic thing to say.
    Where are these staff quarters located? Not a single employee mentions being there on the night Maddie disapperaed. They either say they're working or at home. Where did you come up with Ocean Club having staff sleeping quarters?
    And even if in your racist mind Ocean Club "slaved" their workers, why would Michaela have a "slave's" number on her cellphone? And why do you assume Silvia is part of the "lot of these people" who lived in staff quarters"?
    And in a small town like Praia da Luz, to have someone's fixed line and cellphone numbers means that their close acquaintances are known, visually at least, and to state the contrary is not to be serious.

     Clearly, this is a deeply disturbed, mentally ill person. Many staff at Mark Warner's do live in staff accommodation. How on earth someone reads anything xenophobic into that statement of fact, I do not know.

    I think it just illustrates that Textusa attracts the absolute dregs of society. 

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