Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Abusing children the Textusa way

Abuse of children takes many forms

It is not all physical. Much is psychological.

I am sure we are all aware of cases where children have become so distressed by bullying and victimisation, usually from their peer group, they they have taken their own lives. Or cases where their spirit has been destroyed by the casual and heartless destruction of their character or behaviour via social media online.

So we as adults have the responsibility to ensure the safety of all children, especially those who can't answer back for themselves

There is nothing amusing about this post. It is the first in a series of posts which will recount this horrendous episode

These posts will discuss how Textusa set about trying to destroy a child witness in this case. It is by far the most shameful episode in a series of shameful episodes; worse even than her unwarranted abuse and attempted character assassination of a deceased witness for no better reason than she could.

When Textusa wrote about this witness she used her initials. This was not out of respect or concern for the witness, but more out of a sense of self-preservation. I am going to attempt to discuss this subject without identifying the witness in question any more than is completely unavoidable.

I will not quote from her statements. I will not discuss her evidence other than to discuss Textusa's bogus analysis of it. None of that is important. What is important is that Textusa repeatedly and systematically abused an under age, readily identifiable child for no other reason than to expound her lunatic theories and bullshit analysis.

I will draw upon the hideous posts her followers supported her with. This is truly a disturbing group of people. They abused a child because Textusa told them to.

Testusa published this abuse without any care, thought or concern for the child she set out to harm. We all know that children can become distressed by even the smallest event in their lives, by not fitting in, by being different.

So one can only imagine the potential damage inflicted on a child by being publicly identified and accused repeatedly of being a liar.

But we are going to start with the way Textusa tried to rationalise and justify her own behaviour by portraying her victim as a victim of child sexual abuse and by telling her that the adults closest to her were guilty of her abuse.....

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