Monday, 14 April 2014

A shout out to the JH site


It has come to my attention that some of you may be popping in for a look. Welcome.

For those of you not familiar with Textusa, I thought you might like a quick potted history of her barmy theories and an explanation of why I am here.

Batshit crazy

So, the first thing to understand about Textusa is that she is completely mad. Not just a bit loopy, not just slightly odd. No, we are talking about full-blown batshit crazy with a side order of hopelessly deranged.

She is not, however, completely stupid. She is extraordinarily manipulative and a crafty little sociopath to boot.

I am not going to repeat her central thesis on here, mainly because it is grossly defamatory and supported by no evidence whatsoever, but I will give you a few bits of background.


Basically what Textusa does is to come up with a stupid theory and defend it to the absolute hilt, meaning that she frequently has to move the goalposts in order to accommodate her theory and defend it against challenges from other posters.

Hence, long ago she decided that the Tapas meals never took place.

She decided that they never took place because they would not have had a table big enough to accommodate them all

When it was pointed out to Textusa - yes, by me -  that witnesses placed them at the tapas restaurant then they had to become part of the 'conspiracy' otherwise her central overarching claim, that the Ocean Club was a hotbed of swinging which was the sole purpose of their visit, fell to pieces.

Hence, this is where she currently stands

Let's swing again....

She claims the McCanns and their party were swingers

She claims the Tapas dinners never happened

She claims all the Mark Warner staff - everyone, from the nannies to the tapas workers - were contacted by Mark Warner management on the morning after Madeleine's disappearance and ordered to lie

She claims that all the holidaymakers lied too

She claims that ex-pats, such as Mrs Fenn also lied

She claims that all these people who never knew each other lied to save the necks of a couple they had never met and they did so because they were swingers

One points out that Martin Brunt was filmed at the very table where the party sat - she decides that the film has been doctored to make a small table look like a big table and that he and Sky News are ''in on it''. As is the Pope. And the PJ. And the ambassador. And the Portuguese government and judicial authorities........

It goes on and on........

If anyone challenges her frankly ridiculous theories, they swiftly become persona non Grata.

I have always challenged her. I hate frauds, and she's a fraud par excellence.


No-one is spared her particular brand of hatred. She wrote one of the most disturbing posts I have ever seen about a 12 year old witness in the case, complete with allegations that the girl had been forced into making a statement by adults in her family who were sexually abusing her. It was a completely disgusting and utterly groundless allegation about a young child whose name was in the public arena. For that, she was reported to the relevant authorities in several countries, so they are well aware of her activities

As regards her posts they are usually poorly researched and grossly misrepresent the evidence in the case

Pain in the arse

She's also, frankly, a huge fucking pain in the arse, especially with her corporate-speak and ''Thank you for understanding'' platitudes.

Amazingly, she has built up something of a reputation for detailed analysis because her posts are SO turgid and SO long winded that hardly anyone reads them in their totality. If they did, they might twig that they are mostly absolute bullshit.


She likes to recruit hangers-on, like HelenMeg, a  woman so simple that having failed in her attempt to tell you all off for not worshipping Textusa like a 12 year old worships One Direction, decides to go for the sympathy vote by sharing details of her menstrual cycle with the viewing public.

HelenMeg has been copying quite a bit of Textusa's garbage to your site in the hope of boosting Textusa's somewhat fragile viewing figures. She thinks you are all as thick as her.

So anyway, that's the potted history. Textusa calls me ''Insane'' by the way. Do have a look back, there is still plenty to read in her archives. I started this blog because I felt there needed to be somewhere for the posts she refused to publish because they offended her Messiah complex

She'll try to claim I am a McCann supporter. I'm not. I won't be blogging about the case on here. I do that elsewhere. This site is just the antithesis to the Textusa site, nothing more.

Have fun.

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