Thursday, 6 March 2014

Possibly the most stupid comment ever.......

Well, what a treat.

Today, some complete arsehead posted the following
Anonymous5 Mar 2014 05:10:00
Anon Mar 4, 18:47

Regarding the blanket, that's why they tested it for different DNA and PJ attested "was Semen" With British expert ( supposedly one of the top) claiming that was " FROM A 2 years Old BOY" who have been previously in the flat.
Now is about the prodigious British Scientist to explain how a 2years old get sexually active.
Better the British journalists pick that fact ( since was produced by a British scientist) and start debunking the story of that poor boy, who must have a very difficult life with such sexual disorder (??????). Instead, they are persecuting death people or blonde gypsies.....
That's why we know, Manipulation started very early and from high pisition. Something that could never be explained by the "absolute low importance of a group of middle class doctors". Other reason must be behind that decision- Swing, was the only one that suits.

We'll try this very slowly for you. 
They found a small stain on a blanket, which showed up under a UV light source.
They ran a test. It's a test for various bodily fluids. It is typically used to detect semen, but will also give a result in the presence of other fluids. It gave a ''weakly positive'' result.

They extracted the DNA from the stain.

They obtained a DNA profile.

The profile was a match for the 2 year old boy who had previously stayed in the flat.

As 2 year old boys do not produce semen, they went back and performed another test which is specific for saliva. The test was positive.

So, in summary, a 2 year old boy, on holiday with his parents, drooled on the blanket, leaving some of his DNA behind. 

End of story

Comprendez? Excellent. Now fuck off. 

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