Saturday, 8 March 2014

All joking apart.....

Have you noticed how very very quiet it's gone on Textusa's site?

The reason why she has had so few replies is that she really has pushed the envelope too far this time, and people simply don't believe her. They have finally seen what we have been saying for a long time : that Textusa is either a total charlatan or seriously mentally ill.

Let's face it, the penny was bound to drop sooner or later. One really cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

Her desperate defence of her brainless theory has been tolerated by many of her posters, even though they were always a bit skeptical, but in one sentence she has blown her own feet off this time.

And that sentence is this :

It means that anyone, and we mean ANYONE, who henceforth says or implies that the BRT did exist is in effect insulting Mr Amaral.

And that really is her undoing. Because it appears that some of her readers never really bought into the ''No Big Round Table'' nonsense, but they let it go because they broadly agreed with her other opinions on the case. They are not surprised that Textusa was wrong, they even have some sympathy for her in her reluctance to just admit that she got it wrong.

But - and this is the real stumbling block for Textusa - they really do not like being told that they are insulting Mr Amaral simply because they don't believe Textusa. They have pointed out that Mr Amaral has never endorsed Textusa's wild claims, that he says nothing in his book about her theory that the dinners never happened. And they don't like it. They don't like it AT ALL. They believe that Textusa is hiding behind him and using his name to give credence to her theory.

As requested, I have not published their comments. But they know who they are, and I thank them and acknowledge their input. 

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