Friday, 30 August 2013

The Bitch is back.........

And a new load of lunacy descends

Listen, fucktard.

The reason why the FSS don't mention the so-called blood splatter swabs is because they didn't analyse them - that was your lot, the Portuguese forensic equivalent.

I always knew you were stupid, but fuck me - you have surpassed yourself this time.

I'll post again when I can be arsed to read the rest of the brain fart you have posted

Fucking timewasting moron


  1. Both wrong actually. The swabs from the marks on the wall, none of which were blood and none of which yielded any useful DNA, were all analysed by the FSS.

    The whole mess of rubbish about 'blood spatters' is a forum myth. They were marks and smears visible to the naked eye on a white wall. They only decided to swab them because they could see them, basically. And some have been desperately claiming they are something they are not ever since, misunderstanding the point of police numbered markers and generally constructing a ridiculous mythology which quite by chance makes the PJ look like incompetent tossers.

    1. Quite right. Apologies. That post was dashed off in a bit of a rush.

      The relevant point was that there were no samples recovered from the flat which were reported back from the labs as blood. It's quite normal to collect any samples which look as if they might be, that's a perfectly routine aspect of processsing the scene.

      As you rightly say, the presence of ''blood splatters'' is no more than a forum myth, put about by idiots and stuck to rigidly by a number of dickheads who know it to be false.


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