Sunday, 9 June 2013

To bring you up to speed......

What exactly is Textusa claiming?

Well, we have it in her own words

"What Textusa is saying is that tenths of connected
people, participating in a swinging event, all simultaneously got together to
fabricate matching stories to react to an unfortunate mishap in which a child
lost her life in order to protect their own reputation. These tenths of
connected people activated as fast as they could all their connections so that
the just fabricated story would be enforced officially and in doing so got
hundreds of people involved in one of the biggest cover-up of western

Textusa believes that Madeleine's disappearance resulted from her death at the hands of one of the party when she stumbled across them ''swinging'' Textusa has no evidence to support this, of course. It's entirely a product of her warped mind.

However, it is central to Textusa's tale that the MW resort was a sort of VIP swinging centre, and that the ''cover up'' of Madeleine's death is a massive conspiracy involving the following:

The Tapas group
Mark Warner
The employees of the Tapas restaurant
The nannies
All other Mark Warner employees
All the other holidaymakers
Local residents
British Ex-pats living in the area
The news organisations, especially Sky news and particularly Martin Brunt
The UK government, the ambassador, all the consulate staff, and the spouses of several Prime Ministers
The Portuguese government
The Catholic church
The Vatican
Pope Benedict
The police forces of both nations, the judiciary of both nations and the Portuguese AG
An assortment of VIPs

Remember - she claims all these people are involved in a cover up. When challenged as to why hundreds of people, not previously connected to each other, would band together to commit perjury and cover up the death of a child, risking long prison sentences and the potential loss of family, home jobs and liberty her response is that it wasn't hundreds, but tens

Well dear, I suggest you do a quick count of the number of witness statements by those who fit into one of the above categories. Trust me, it's hundreds

When challenged as to why none of the people on this list, some of whom are poorly paid seasonal workers, would not leap at the chance to tell the truth and claim the reward she says it is because it would be ''unbecoming''

''Unbecoming'' Yes, really.

And of course, let's not forget her central theory - the Tapas dinners never happened. No matter that numerous staff gave their accounts of what happened that night, and that there are witness statements from other diners - no, according to Textusa, all of this is lies, made up to cover up the fact that they were all busily shagging their neighbour's wives.

And how did she decide upon this?

Well - she doesn't think they had a table big enough to seat nine.

And all of the above is why I have no hesitation in saying that Textusa either believes what she is saying - and is therefore quite mad, or she doesn't believe a word of it, and just enjoys manipulating people. In which case she is both mad and bad.

Either way, the woman is a fucking lunatic

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  1. The 'huge cover up' theory is too ludicrous for words, and its most barking mad feature is the hilariously delusional notion that Martin Brunt "tried to fool" people into believing the existence of a "big round table", long before it was known that some conspiraloon would dispute the existence of any such table and the tapas dinners!


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