Friday, 28 June 2013

Textusa downs tools. But we don't.......

Regular readers will have noticed that Her Looniness has commenced her annual break, a time when traditionally she puts down her laptop and moves away from the internet in order to spend more time with her psychiatrist.

It's a time of huge relief for her long-suffering husband, Fred, who for a few treasured weeks is spared the hideousness of his normal day-to-day existence, reassuring his wife that no table in the world could possibly accommodate nine adults and still have room for a busty quiz mistress.

However - I am aware that her regular readers miss terribly her infusions of batshit crazy cobblers, therefore I am pleased to announce that normal service will continue here, as we take the opportunity to revisit some of her more demented rambles through the twilight zone of her mind.

Any requests to revisit specific cobblerfests will receive every consideration - simply drop us a message marked ''What about that one where the mad bitch claimed.........'' and we'll get right on it.

Happy summer hols, folks!


  1. Oh yes. We'll pop over here instead. To Insane. I think not.

    1. Oh bless. ''I think not''

      Yet here you are :)


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