Sunday, 16 June 2013

So, Textusa, if what you claim is true.........................

................ why haven't you informed the police?

After all, this is what you claim :

The Guests are basically divided into three groups:

Group A, or the “BH PdL Faction”, is made up of those who hosted the event. They were/are resident or working in Praia da Luz and were not guestsOcean Club management and staff as well as the“core-organization-team” made up ex-Pats of which Robert Murat is the most well known.

This group was the one that took the early decisions and is the one that is looked at as the one responsible for all this.

It was this group that in our opinion took care of the body until it was disposed of.

Group B is made up of the guests. All those who flew into Praia da Luz to participate in a swinging event that took place in the Ocean Club Resort.

This group was assured by Group A that all would be alright and that Maddie’s disappearance would be perfectly justified by having Maddie “abducted” and in that way guarantee that no sex-scandal would ever erupt.

Group C is made up of all those on the receiving end of the many phone-calls made by those of Groups A and B on the night from 3 to 4 May 2007.

Group C is made up of very powerful and very influential people in UK. So powerful and so influential that they were able to make not only the UK act according to their desire but make Portugal also do the same.
You always state that you don't make claims that you can't prove, so why haven't you gone to the police and told them you have figured it all out?

Is is because you know it's all bollocks?

After all, if you really believed what you were saying surely you would want to bring those responsible to justice...........


  1. Don't be silly, you know very well the police are in on it.

    1. Ah yes, silly me!

      Maybe she should tell a priest instead? No, hang on......


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