Tuesday, 11 June 2013

So I bet you are wondering how all this started, aren't you?

Well, over the next few pages I will be revisiting some of the key posts where Textusa set out her lunatic scenario. Please feel free to laugh uproariously at the sheer idiocy. I know I did.

Let's start with this one

In this little gem, Textusa weaves an elaborate conspiracy theory around the fact that within the published file there was a handwritten copy of a Tapas restaurant booking sheet for 7th May 2007, jotted down on what appears to be a page from a promotional notepad, advertising a water park close by.

Textusa claims that this innocuous bit of paper ''proves the direct involvement of both guests and ocean club staff in the cover up of Maddie's death''

Let's deal with this straight away. No, it doesn't.

It does prove, however, that Textusa isn't very bright.

One of the first indications that Textusa isn't very bright emerges when she completely fails to notice that the 7th May was both after Madeleine disappeared and after the party was due to have returned to the UK

The second is when she is unable to grasp the fact that the list is simply a copy of another document already in the files - instead of grasping this, she witters on endlessly about the co-incidence of the same information being on both sheets. - well, dur.

The third one is that despite having this pointed out to her by me and others, she is unable to grasp that the majority of those listed on that particular restaurant booking sheet WERE NOT EVEN IN PORTUGAL WHEN MADELEINE DISAPPEARED, AND ONLY FLEW OUT THE FOLLOWING WEEKEND.

Go and read it. Seriously, it's like a window into how conspiraloons think. And the comments are priceless.

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