Saturday, 22 June 2013

Okay - now back to the latest steaming pile of horseshit

Let's start with a few random bits, shall we?

Let’s see where this is applicable to the Maddie Affair. We know that the apartment was exaggeratedly cleaned. And it seems obvious to all of us the reasons as to why it was done.

But is it that obvious?

We, like you, thought that the cleaning was done to remove any and all traces of Maddie’s demise from the apartment.

That meant that the cleaning had one main focus: rid the apartment from any trace of Maddie’s blood.

So - ''we'' know that the department was ''exaggeratedly cleaned'', do we?

Uh huh.

And how do we ''know'' this?

Because, Textusa, that is yet another false claim, and an example of the random bollocks you have picked up from years of reading shitty blogs.

Not only is there no evidence that the place was subjected to a ''deep clean'', there is actually ample evidence that it wasn't.

And the cleaning was to remove Maddie's blood, was it? Well, none of her blood was found, that's for sure. So what was your point?

Honestly, you are such a charlatan. Textusa.

Now - explain to the boys and girls how you arrive at the above conclusions, because I am sure we would all be thrilled to know........

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