Sunday, 9 June 2013

In response to anon 34

Oh dear - here we go again

1) I asked for EVIDENCE that any law enforcement agency bought into this ridiculous notion that there were no Tapas dinners, and that according to Textusa the majority of people agree with her. Simply re-stating something is not evidence. Where is the EVIDENCE?

2) You start by quoting me ''Reference samples could be obtained from her parents and siblings........'' and then veer off into some lecture about how you can't obtain reference samples from an individual by testing their relatives. True. You can't. But nowhere did I suggest that they either did or could. What I actually went on to say is that she wasn't there in order for a reference sample to be obtained, and so they had to look for an alternative  - a surrogate reference sample, duly recovered from the pillowcase.

It's pretty pointless spending time attempting to ''debunk'' something I didn't say. I suggest you read it more carefully next time.

3) ''The question remains why didn't they use a piece of cloth from the scene''

No, the question does not remain to anyone who counts. Only yourselves and your fellow conspiraloons. You don't go about sourcing a surrogate reference sample from a crime scene. End of story.

None of which, incidentally, has anything to do with the contamination of the crime scene. But I wouldn't expect you to understand that.

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