Friday, 14 June 2013

Coming soon...........from a psychiatric ward near you........

I honestly think this statement from Textusa is one of the most ridiculous things she has ever said - and that's up against some stiff competition

''What if, as we think it is, this“Laundryman” sighting is about the rightful “owner” of the stain that was found on the bedspread in the children’s room in 5A and up to now allocated to a 3 year old boy?

What if, as we think it is, SY has known all along who this “owner” is and is now telling this person “Hello, this is about YOU!”?''

Rejoining the real world for a moment, the DNA recovered from that stain was a match to the DNA of a little boy who had stayed in the apartments with his parents before the McCanns stayed there. Forensics designated it saliva. 

So - there are three possibilities, Textusa

Firstly, the little boy could have a previously unknown twin, 20 years his senior, who popped into the same apartment at some point and gobbed on the bedspread. Or did something a lot worse on the bedspread to satisfy your desperate need for it to be a semen sample.


The FSS for reasons best known to themselves and doubtless because they are actually giant lizards or something, decided to fit up a baby boy ''for a laugh''


You are utterly deranged

I know which my money is on

What is wrong with you that makes you unable to grasp this? The DNA has been identified. It belonged to a baby boy. There is nothing to see here.

And frankly, whatever your rambling nonsense about the laundryman is supposed to mean would defeat the Enigma machine and the combined brains of GCHQ


  1. Relax - you've got another investigation pending. But in the meantime - keep banging that rattle! It's almost funny, especially with the expletives.

  2. Uh huh. Fascinating

    Anyway - back to the question.

    So which is it? The smart money is on Textusa being completely deranged, but by all means do try to convince us otherwise

  3. On the Occam's razor basis, it's clearly "Textusa is utterly deranged"

  4. Difficult to argue with that. Even if I wanted to.....


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